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for The Promised Prince (Jon Snow SI)

10/27 c1 grechri
Absolutely amazing story. I love the ruthlessness in Daeron.
10/24 c24 6AJ Granger
I like how you portray Brynden Tully. He makes sense to me. Jon certainly has good timing, but with warging and greenseeing, he has great advantages. I liked what Lord Reed told him about having Rickon reach out to the mountain clans as a Stark. It certainly makes sense since they saved him, even if he is a boy still.
10/24 c23 AJ Granger
I completely understand your reasoning for a knowledgeable and skilled castellan such as Manderly. Sansa may have been taught how to run a household, but she obviously was lacking in many skills needed to truly run a house as the thought was she'd have both a husband and a castellan to work with wherever she went. She is also young and spent a lot of time away from the North. It was a good decision that makes sense and she's still Lady of Winterfell which works. Sigorn is an interesting match for her. Frankly with what she did to Ramsey, I am sure he likes her even more.
10/24 c21 AJ Granger
Yeah! Arya! Love Arya Stark and her survival instincts. Yes, training to become an assassin is rough and makes her incredibly dangerous, but there's just something about Arya that makes you cheer her on as she makes her list and argues to not be considered a lady. Looking forward to her return to Westeros and seeing Jon again.
10/24 c20 AJ Granger
I always thought Dany leaving Essos was a huge risk that slavery would rebound. It takes time to undo the years of allowing it. It's great to finally see Samwell again. Did not expect Marwyn to talk to him nor mention problems the Citadel would have with a Targaryen.
10/23 c18 AJ Granger
I like the story. I like the introduction of characters we didn't see and Jon's strategies that differ from what was done in the show. A Manderly regent sounds like an interesting idea. I am a little surprised that people are not suggesting pairings between their daughters and Jon since he's a proven warrior and a King in his own right. He needs an heir, not that they would be very old by the time things get serious with the Others. I do miss Samwell and what he's learning the Citadel, which will hopefully also include the passage Gilly found regarding his parents marriage. I feel an ick at any of the incestuous pairings and honestly, if he and Dany marry others that's more Targaryns in the world. Just my thoughts though. Also, you've introduced Lyra as a character that is getting to Jon and making him think, plus has the banner for his new house combining ice and fire. I look forward to more.
10/23 c13 AJ Granger
It works. I like the "Winter King" title and I like that Jon was honest about the fact that the North cannot survive on it's own. It needs the crops and other materials from the South.
10/23 c3 AJ Granger
I appreciate that Jon has left Alys and Ned alive and what luck to have captured supplies which I am sure are sorely needed by the Free Folk and the Watch. I like this stronger, more assured Jon. There's more maturity there that he was developing, but that has taken root finally. I like the changes you are making and hope they continue to benefit House Stark.
10/23 c1 AJ Granger
Intriguing start. There is a lot going on here as it's not just Jon or just an SI, but a mix. Liked Jon's speech and his actions with the traitors will help with proof of wights. I am glad that Jon knows his heritage. I look forward to seeing more.
10/11 c28 13thDiscipleOfIna
so many people clammoring about how ruthless jon is being, PEOPLE YOUR WORKING ON THE WRONG MINDSET! THIS IS A JON SNOW SELF INSERTED TO DAERON NOT SOME POOR SCHMUCK FROM THE 20TH CENTURY. the way the mind of this people work are the mindset used in medieval ages a time where its a common punishment for whole families to be slaughtered for simply being related in order to ensure that no one will take revenge that no one will rise up against them, a time where its treachery is common and kight makes right
9/29 c1 akramwow1
no he need to show westeros that the old order is over and house targaryan is not the same old week house that got exterminated to 2 people .

westeros is a harsh place and fear power are the only things that hold the 7k together
9/28 c28 2pavook
It's hard to believe Jon/Daeron/SI is so heated and hateful, willing to slaughter so many people. Sure there are people in power that have to be punished, permanently. But many of these extended families do not hold the fault for the actions of their lords. Sure, many of the Freys and Lanisters share the blame, but not all of them deserve to die. For example, imagine some extended family Knight Lannister going against orders of his liege... Yep, not going to happen. And the Freys where many members have practically no voice and any power to change anything, at best they could not participate if they were lucky.

He is treading a thin line with these punishments and blood feuds, curiously enough started with borderline Ramsay deal from his cousin. He should be aware to not be perceived similarly to his Mad predecessors and be known as cruel. Morally speaking, most of North and Riverlands lords might agree so far, but the rest of the realm would not view this as fine.

Jon needs someone to calm him down and judging by previous chapters, Sansa isn't that person. I'm unsure if Daenerys would calm him down or offer a different perspective or if he would accept that. Then there is Arianne, but from that brief glimpse, she seemed bloodthirsty enough too. In a way, Daeron doesn't have any advisors, council, or something like that. He had one in the Manderly family, but they are not always present through his campaigns and the rest except Sansa don't really advise him.
9/28 c6 Guachico
This is a fun read. I’ve just found it and will try to catch up to where you’re at and am excited to see where you take it. Thanks for writing.
9/28 c22 pavook
Daeron made the plan to sideline Sansa with her ruling. He made changes without her input and now it looks like she will be obstinate to the Manderly castellan. It feels like a bad move from both cousins. Sansa's way of dealing with Ramsay left a bad aftertaste in Northman's lords and in one swift move alienate her from them. I can't help but feel like she will become the wedge that will drag problems into her family once more if she continues this path. Her stringing up that Thenn man also doesn't draw her character in a better light.

I agree with the comment saying that Sansa is egocentric. She still fails to see the outcome of her actions past the initial stage. I thought she had learned to be better than that, but I guess all her experiences didn't teach her enough.
9/28 c9 pavook
I don't think Baelish would keep all his coin in his rather small castle. He is pragmatic and sitting on coins is a bad economical move. He would invest them in the brothel business or any other venue and left only a small portion available for future endeavors.
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