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for Daeron the Worthy(Jon Snow SI)

12/1 c24 fryandika
so blackfish is dead huh
11/22 c40 Hoque007
Great story so far. I hope the MC doesn't spare Tyrion and Varys as they are threats to him.
11/15 c40 Aman Dhillon
Is sandor clegane vs gregor going to happen
11/13 c3 a.xmeave
You forgot that the Golden Company was supposed to be the best of the best and didn't last even one minute
11/13 c40 3Fyr RedNight
Amazing work on this chapter!
11/13 c40 dan.lew.upg
cant wiat for more
11/12 c40 myafroatemydog
Such a great chapter
11/12 c1 Guest

www dot fanfiction dot net/u/15367020/DefunctStoreKing

11/12 c40 LordRhyolith
lol... The city is getting attacked by dragons and Cersei has nothing better to do than to have her king's guard doggystyle her. What a fabulous Queen.
11/12 c40 DeluxeHipster1945
11/12 c40 2daspeedforce
People thinking Daenerys has the larger army therefore Jon should do nothing is hilarious. For one, he has the Vale on his side that was untouched by war, has the remaining riverlords and the North
Nothing suggests she has larger her army.

More skilled is also debatable. If Unsullied were as OP no army on the planet could stop them.
11/12 c40 TOAA presence
thanks for the chapter
11/11 c40 28Kairan1979
Thanks for the chapter.
Well, Ned's voice is not wrong; it's their own fault.
11/11 c40 Guest
Good work

Eager to see Daeron in the Red Keep
11/11 c40 Lord Mortensen
Awesome! Please update it soon!
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