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for Daeron the Worthy(Jon Snow SI)

3/30 c56 Cthul
I like it… not many SI stories manage to not make the story feel like an SI story. The story wrapped up rather nicely, though the formatting could have been a bit better. I’m mainly talking about the excerpts, those could have been reserved for the end or beginning of a chapter. Some of them sort of just happen in the middle of a chapter and abruptly end. Certain chapters also switch perspectives without warning and if you’re not reading carefully you’ll end up confused. Overall it’s a good read.
3/24 c24 winniesm
sounds more badass if you used a murder of crows instead of a flock
3/24 c56 14omega
a good ending, I didn't expect Valinor.
3/24 c56 3Foxy-Floof
It's weird seeing Varys have a happy ending. Definitely different and interesting though,.
3/23 c56 Immaterium
So it ends and the Kingdom of Valinor is born - I just find it a bit ironic that "Valinor" is ruled by dragonriders and their dragons :-D
3/23 c56 28Kairan1979
Thanks for the ending of the story.
3/23 c56 LeightonWD
Impresive ending congratulations
3/23 c56 Nike3847
solid ending. great story. bravissimo
3/23 c56 AJtheGreat332
Wonderful story, it's always fun to see common sense cut through dumb plot points in the original.
3/23 c56 Oscar Sampedro Lopez
Thanks for the story. Great work
3/23 c56 Guest
Kill yourself degenerate
3/23 c1 NICK HURR
You really think this shit is better than GoT lmao?
3/22 c1 GoPoe
Damn. What a journey it felt like it would never end yet here we are. Easily my favourite Game of Thrones fanfic thank you for writing it and congratulations on finishing it well.
3/22 c56 1kano547
Great story, I really liked how you've been using future history books to wrap up the various loose ends, I've always liked that trope. I think I'll be reading this again from the beginning.
3/22 c56 8Jebest4781
Pretty nice with how this went.
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