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for The Promised Prince (Jon Snow SI)

6/24 c22 fahri.uchiha
Horrible ending for Ramsay Snow
6/24 c21 fahri.uchiha
Arya Stark is coming home!
6/24 c20 fahri.uchiha
The Maester Evil Order was apparently included in this story I guess?
6/24 c19 fahri.uchiha
Volantis destroyed
6/24 c18 fahri.uchiha
Waiting for a satisfying ending for the Bolton House
6/24 c17 fahri.uchiha
Can't wait for the next chapter! looks like it's going to be epic
6/24 c16 fahri.uchiha
Looks like Riverrun and Westerland will be largely replaced with Northerners, ah and maybe a new Lannister with Tyron as Lord?
6/24 c15 fahri.uchiha
Tyron will bring Doom to Lannister of course
6/24 c14 fahri.uchiha
I suspect LittleFinger is still playing, or is it just my guess? I hope yes
6/24 c13 fahri.uchiha
All haill Winter King!
6/24 c12 fahri.uchiha
short chapter, but still awesome
6/24 c11 fahri.uchiha
Congratulations Tyron you just got a jape from the Dragons Queen! Xd
6/24 c10 fahri.uchiha
Just a matter of time until Dany comes to Westeros!
6/24 c9 fahri.uchiha
Wow, I didn't think Petry would keep all his coin in Vale. The logical move is the Iron Bank
6/24 c8 fahri.uchiha
Jon Snow aka Daeron Targaryen makes his debut!
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