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for The Promised Prince (Jon Snow SI)

12/1 c30 4Lillian81
Love that last line
11/23 c29 The Black Ranger
Thank you very much for the chapter.
11/21 c29 3Fyr RedNight
Great work on the last couple of chapters!
11/11 c29 1chaoswizard
Keep it coming please it is good
11/8 c29 javi30
Very good
11/8 c29 fahri.uchiha
Three Frontline!
11/7 c8 Mattywilkss
Soooooo...double dealing back stabbers are the reason the world is a good place, and men of honor are just shitheads who destroy everything around them. Written like a real asshole, trying to make himself feel better about how much of an asshole he is. This is my problem with most of the jerkoff writers on this site, the lessons you take from canon ARE THE WRONG FUCKIN LESSONS. Eddard stark died because he was trying to do the right thing but literally everyone around him was a piece of shit. The lesson you took from that isn't 'you shouldnt trust a piece of shit.' The lesson you learned is 'you should be a piece of shit first.' Have a nice life with that outlook.
11/6 c1 3iacopo.passerini
Ah molto bello! un altra storia molto interresante!
Jonh Snow che agisce
11/6 c29 Guest
Cuando subes el próximo capítulo de vex
11/5 c29 3suppes1
Nice chapter hope Daeron and Rhaegal battle more soon
11/5 c29 InfinityMask
And so the dragon wage war on westeros again. 300 years ago as united, now on 3 different front. Haha
11/4 c27 3doraemax
so Aegon doesn not yet knew of his 'nephew'. He is an innocent, i supposed. the dangerous one is the fanatic jon besides him. wonder how he'll take the news...and what Daenerys plan for him.
11/4 c1 doraemax
i love that speech... that the rest of the Noble Houses can't bear the weight of the 7 kingdoms. point to Jon
10/27 c1 grechri
Absolutely amazing story. I love the ruthlessness in Daeron.
10/24 c24 6AJ Granger
I like how you portray Brynden Tully. He makes sense to me. Jon certainly has good timing, but with warging and greenseeing, he has great advantages. I liked what Lord Reed told him about having Rickon reach out to the mountain clans as a Stark. It certainly makes sense since they saved him, even if he is a boy still.
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