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for The Promised Prince (Jon Snow SI)

10/11 c28 13thDiscipleOfIna
so many people clammoring about how ruthless jon is being, PEOPLE YOUR WORKING ON THE WRONG MINDSET! THIS IS A JON SNOW SELF INSERTED TO DAERON NOT SOME POOR SCHMUCK FROM THE 20TH CENTURY. the way the mind of this people work are the mindset used in medieval ages a time where its a common punishment for whole families to be slaughtered for simply being related in order to ensure that no one will take revenge that no one will rise up against them, a time where its treachery is common and kight makes right
9/29 c1 akramwow1
no he need to show westeros that the old order is over and house targaryan is not the same old week house that got exterminated to 2 people .

westeros is a harsh place and fear power are the only things that hold the 7k together
9/28 c28 2pavook
It's hard to believe Jon/Daeron/SI is so heated and hateful, willing to slaughter so many people. Sure there are people in power that have to be punished, permanently. But many of these extended families do not hold the fault for the actions of their lords. Sure, many of the Freys and Lanisters share the blame, but not all of them deserve to die. For example, imagine some extended family Knight Lannister going against orders of his liege... Yep, not going to happen. And the Freys where many members have practically no voice and any power to change anything, at best they could not participate if they were lucky.

He is treading a thin line with these punishments and blood feuds, curiously enough started with borderline Ramsay deal from his cousin. He should be aware to not be perceived similarly to his Mad predecessors and be known as cruel. Morally speaking, most of North and Riverlands lords might agree so far, but the rest of the realm would not view this as fine.

Jon needs someone to calm him down and judging by previous chapters, Sansa isn't that person. I'm unsure if Daenerys would calm him down or offer a different perspective or if he would accept that. Then there is Arianne, but from that brief glimpse, she seemed bloodthirsty enough too. In a way, Daeron doesn't have any advisors, council, or something like that. He had one in the Manderly family, but they are not always present through his campaigns and the rest except Sansa don't really advise him.
9/28 c6 Guachico
This is a fun read. I’ve just found it and will try to catch up to where you’re at and am excited to see where you take it. Thanks for writing.
9/28 c22 pavook
Daeron made the plan to sideline Sansa with her ruling. He made changes without her input and now it looks like she will be obstinate to the Manderly castellan. It feels like a bad move from both cousins. Sansa's way of dealing with Ramsay left a bad aftertaste in Northman's lords and in one swift move alienate her from them. I can't help but feel like she will become the wedge that will drag problems into her family once more if she continues this path. Her stringing up that Thenn man also doesn't draw her character in a better light.

I agree with the comment saying that Sansa is egocentric. She still fails to see the outcome of her actions past the initial stage. I thought she had learned to be better than that, but I guess all her experiences didn't teach her enough.
9/28 c9 pavook
I don't think Baelish would keep all his coin in his rather small castle. He is pragmatic and sitting on coins is a bad economical move. He would invest them in the brothel business or any other venue and left only a small portion available for future endeavors.
9/26 c28 Metalloid
I really love this fanfic! keep up the awesome work!
9/25 c28 1Son of Venom
Hope you update soon
9/25 c28 2Akashic Silhouette
Interesting, I'm liking this so far. I do have a few things to say however. firstly, do not make the mistake of thinking War Elephants are such a great weapon, I haven't reread the earlier parts of your story in a long while so you may have already addressed this, but still; war elephants are logistically very difficult to use in Westeros' climate, but more importantly, despite their great size and power, they are easily routed. You cannot discipline a war elephant, throw some fire in its face, or hit it with enough spears or arrows and it will go berserk and smash its own troops.

Secondly, I understand Daeron, or Jon's passion and fury towards the Lannisters, however I find it a bit out of character, both for the original Jon, and for a modern SI, for him to be so willing to annihilate an entire family. There would be nothing wrong with Jon/Daeron realizing he isn't cruel enough to slaughter all the innocent lannister children or lesser known lannisters who couldn't have exactly refused or stopped Tywin or Cersei. I could see him abolishing their family name though potentially.
There's also the need for him to consider how it makes him look, morally speaking to the various houses of Westeros if he, a Targaryen, with all the reputation that entails, were to acquire his throne by ironically copying Tywin's cruel ruthlessness. For Tywin to butcher women and children without remorse people say he is ruthless, perhaps cruel. For a Targaryen to do the same, people will say he is mad and insane. It takes a special mindset to do something so easily and remorselessly, especially if he so despises men like Tywin, or women like Cersei for doing the same.

All I'm saying is, in most cases, rage runs hot, and burns intensely but quickly, similarly, most men are uncomfortable with the prospect of seeing/hearing children, even children of their hated enemy, be incinerated alive lol.

It's good, realistic even, I just don't want this fic to descend into sadistic revenge porn, and I don't want the MC Daeron/Jon to be a Tywin 2.0 who's just nicer to his personal family members lol. The original Jon Snow is a compassionate, kind hearted man. A SI, especially one from modern times should be even less willing to stomach the prospect of killing children.
9/25 c28 javi30
Very good
9/24 c28 1D72
Illyrio forgot about Dre!

Volantis WHAT, Volantis WHAT, Volantis WHAT.
9/24 c28 Uday Sra
9/23 c28 fahri.uchiha
Oh, Varys switched sides
9/23 c28 Guest
How convenient to have Tommen's forces and the Blackfyre's rebellion fight each other while our boy Jon settles himself in the Riverlands. Shame about all the lost men caught in the crossfire though.
9/23 c27 fahri.uchiha
Yeah, cursed Tywin Lannister for this all
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