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for The Promised Prince (Jon Snow SI)

9/23 c28 4Lillian81
Oof bad news for Aegon, Dany doesn’t take her family lightly
9/23 c28 3suppes1
Awesome chapter I hope you post again soon
9/23 c28 Guest
hmm. i'm not a big fan of randyll tarly myself, but viewed objectively, he's one of the most capable men in all of the seven kingdoms. from reading several of grrm's books, i don't get the impression that he's even a tenth as incompetent as you have written him here. now i'm trying to remember what i read and while i'm sure there's some i've forgotten, my impression of lord tarly is that he's depicted as one of the most capable men with no professional missteps. there are plenty of personal ones that make him into the genuinely unlikeable character he is, but that's only personal thoughts, convictions and his actions toward family.

in a battle between a tarly-led reach/lannister army and the golden company, i'd put my money on tarly as long as the troop strength and distribution didn't unreasonably favor the invading sellswords.

anyway, to make a long story short, as you can see, i may not always like everything you write, but this story is still good fun to read. thanks for all the effort you put in for no tangible reward except our thanks. which you have definitely earned a hundred times over by now, so thank you!
9/23 c28 Guest
I have to say a loyal Varys is far more dangerous than people perceive as he has genuine potential to be king-maker
9/23 c28 3Valkorion510
9/23 c28 Flygar
ah, so a Jon/Daenerys ending. kinda pissed Varys is supposed to be o. Daenerys side, always hated him as a person.
9/23 c27 Guest
Can’t wait to see Aegon react to Daeron and Rhaegal
9/19 c26 1Lady Nyshah
Loved the book excerpt at the end
9/12 c2 abhishek.kislay
its a nice chapter - and hope for better future chapters. i belive this fic can be my solution to the ending that was forced on us. plese keep going - godspeed
9/12 c27 Uday Sra
9/11 c1 reiwil10
suckstobeacritic it’s much more legible in ao3!
9/7 c2 suckstobeacritic
Ugh the one thing that's been keeping me from making progress in the story is paragraph size. With my dislexia it's just too hard too chew through screen sized paragraphs on my phone.

I recommend making paragraphs no larger than 3 to 4 sentences for legibility...
9/5 c27 6era-romance
hoping your si's rationality will kick in at some point; there are reasonable lannisters amongst the absolute idiots and mad men.
hope Jamie's plan goes through. tommen is a sweet kid who doesn't deserve the terrible and ridiculous family he was given.
9/1 c27 GXVIII
I see you've done the stupid thing of making Jaime live even though he ate Dragon fire to the face. You're doing the same mistake as the tv show.
9/1 c27 bullshit123
Capítulo perfeito como sempre
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