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5/16 c15 2MateoDTobi
this is seriously one of your most interesting stories, hope you keep going
4/30 c15 bmack96
honestly this was the story that got me to check out your other story's. I really like the premise of this one. it will be cool to see where it goes
4/9 c5 KeybladeMasterUzumaki98
I love the reference to A New Hope. Poor Alderaan.
4/4 c15 15phieth
oho you know how to tantalize some one good sir cuz I must have more more I say good sir this is a story I'm well and truly invested in
4/1 c15 Dare211
I am very much looking forward to the next chapter
4/1 c12 Dare211
Ahhh, so taking quotes from other movies eh? Star Wars, Megamind, I actually like that.
4/1 c11 Dare211
HA, Kakashi pulled a nice one there. Matter of fact, I think Kakashi deserves more respect.
3/30 c15 Fullmetal11791
Ehh. The average shinobi traveled from country to country in a matter of days or a week simply by running. The idea that Team 7 are simply stuck where they are because everything would fall apart in a few days if they left their people for a week or so just doesnt seem realistic. Beaurocracy moves extremely slowly, theres no way any of these citystates would fail if they took the occasional vacation once or three or four times a year to go visit one another. Just seems a bit contrived.

Now, i dont really get whats going on with Atlas as it seems like this story takes place before the Great War that kickstarted the tech revolition for Mistral and created Atlas in the first place? But if Atlas is already floating, it seems the tech revolition started way earlier here than cannon, potentially? So... the transcontinental communication towers should be working. What exactly is stopping team seven from just briefly visiting each other, getting everyone a scroll, and starting a texting group chat?

I like the overall plot of whats going on here but theres some weirdly convoluted things going on that are throwing me off a bit
3/30 c8 Fullmetal11791
Wouldnt sakura obliterating the ocean and making a lot more land kind of screw over both the local ecosystems as well as anyone who relied on the ocean for food? Menagerie is poor, im sure the free available food was super important to a lot of people.
3/28 c15 12mastercheif1229
Great story so far! Can't wait for the next chapter!
3/23 c15 1wyvern97
love this story so far. how would you have the grimm evolve now that Salem is no longer handling them, also are you going to make dust a finite source in this world cause that'd be an interesting plot point
3/16 c1 Noideas38
Oh my god YES! I freaking love this! It's really exciting to see the gang interact with the RWBY cast's parents, as not only do we get to see new sides to characters like Kali, guessing the Qrow and Raven, and especially Summer; there's also MASSIVE potential for world building what with how Team 7 could impact Remnant!

Thank you for posting this! Hope you have a wonderful day and you feel better these days!
3/14 c4 25The Baz
That Superman reference
3/14 c15 5Hecseferblade
Oooo the alliance forming between atlas and Vale, very few stories touch on this. Kinda nice to see it happen. And cute widdle James on his way to be kakashi’s favorite person for eventually replacing him.

I love when the hero becomes the villan, it’s always so fascinating
3/13 c15 1Getzeye Dragon1
Its alive! Would love to see the reunion.
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