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23h c7 Valkyen
I usually dont like crossovers with lots of people of the original world but this one has me laughing a lot so keep the good job
5/8 c7 Leonel Quiroz
Haz una lectura de historia por favor qué es demasiado buena eres un crack amigo sigue así yo te apoyo tus historias siempre son divertidas y geniales de leer
5/7 c7 afleoknight
I’m looking forward to seeing more of this and I cast my vote for Sakura reuniting with sauske
5/5 c7 Peroroncino
Any news on when the next chapter will be updated?
4/27 c7 Guest
I love it, great story so far can't wait for the next chapter
4/26 c7 Sparkysbro
I cannot wait for the Sasuke and Sakura reunion! I liked Kakashi's "Oh yeah, that's my student. Don't send an army, she'll just destroy it."
4/24 c7 IfYouCanDreamIt
Good lord every time I binge one of your stories a while is left inside of me wanting more. *sad face* but anyway keep up the good work, fair winds and god speed to ya!
4/20 c7 ebijoe69
I just love your stories man, they're breathtaking. where do these ideas come from. let's be friends
4/19 c7 AiRLoveLess
Love this story its so good love everyone's interactions with the world and with that said keep up the awesome work and cant wait for more
4/17 c1 Daybit Sem Void
Why did I not read this godly fic earlier!? It's so chaotic, I love it! The amount of references in this are astounding, I'm enjoying it.
4/14 c7 11Prustan
Okay, quite liking this story, with Team 7 dropped off in Remnant and constantly getting mistaken for gods. Also find it interesting that you set it ~30 years before canon - lets you set up all sorts of butterflies for later. I do find myself hoping that Nicholas can calm down the Atlesian generals though, they're going to have a real bad time if they decide to invade, with Sasuke joining Sakura.
4/13 c7 Ego Centric
I was having a horrible day, to the point of of a meltdown. 5 minute break to read a few pages of this story (this chapter anyway) and I was all happy and cloud stridingly giddy. I'm always impressed by your writing and imagination.
This story focuses on Team 7! Instead of just Naruto (my favorite stories from you revolve entirely around Naruto and that's the way I like it XD .), so I was unsure at first, but I've come to enjoy it very much. Every transition is so well done and your descriptions, the action, the emotion, it is so amazingly expressed here from so many points on a landscape (Remnant).

I love your writing!
4/11 c7 5Planar-Walking-Entertainment
Me guess sasuke found sakura, no way her response would be a ballistic missile otherwise.

I believe the brother gods have been replaced. I van actually see it in the two: Naruto, God of light, Paragon of truth, Keeper of promises, judicator of Justice. Sasuke, God of darkness, Paragon of Power, Keeper of oblivion, Judicator of Vengeance.

And i can probably see what titles sakura and kakashi would have, you are free to use them if they tickle your fancy: Mother Sakura, God of healing, Paragon of nature, Keeper of the power of Summer, Judicator of Faunus. Steel-will Kakashi, God of camaraderie (what else could he symbolize when he put cinder and schnee in what was obviously a modified bell test), Paragon of teamwork, Keeper of the Icy north, Judicator of stoicism (as well as his other “Hound” titles).
4/11 c6 Planar-Walking-Entertainment
I feel that salem is going to notice more “gods” soon. Especially if the preview trailer of sasuke about to fight the big grimm is accurate.
4/10 c7 Apollo Master
Keep it up i only wish that he would have all the other tailed beast since he should have some of their power
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