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for New Gods of Remnant

11/30 c17 Guest
I love your stories, thank you
11/8 c17 Likiya Jin
hello, I'm really curious, when will you be able to continue this fanfic because this is very interesting and good
10/14 c17 27JensenDaniels32
10/14 c16 JensenDaniels32
This is one of the best. stories. ever!
10/13 c17 3xXVeldanavaXx
keep going, i cant wait for more
10/13 c16 xXVeldanavaXx
keep going
10/13 c12 xXVeldanavaXx
responsibility you say, never heard of it not existing. keep it up
10/13 c8 xXVeldanavaXx
Don't you DARE stop writing this, there are so few in this fandom, and yours are among the best. Keep going.
10/6 c8 Vigriff
I honestly don't blame the people of Remnant for making Naruto and company their Gods considering their actual creators are selfish cunts.
9/28 c17 Aehopexoh
Nice nice i know im a little late but better late than never hoping for another chapter
9/26 c17 pertemis4lyfe
update please story god
9/6 c17 Krieger Techpreist
Oh boy, time for funny violence in next chapter!
9/5 c13 Krieger Techpreist
Im so ashamed at myself for only just now realising you base your atlas soldier characters after clones... Even after seeing you do it in other fics...
9/5 c9 Krieger Techpreist
Ah, again its so nice to see a fellow fan of the Crimson Fucker! (Also known as Alucard)
And woah! Whats this!? A Punisher movie reference in the future spoilers!?
9/5 c8 Krieger Techpreist
Oh boy, Cardins not gonna be a little shit!? How is that possible!?
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