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9/19 c5 26Lil Lost Lady
Poor Gladio having to see Ignis like that and not recognizing him then to top it off she sleeps with and turns him in front of Gladdy, she's certainly being meaner to him than any of the others but it's understandable. At least now that's over and she'll likely not be mean to any of them from now on. I wonder how the parents are gonna react when/if they find out what their kids have become.

And what about Prompto? Can he still become a vampire or does being an MT prevent that? Does that mean he'll age and die before all of them? Well now that I'm caught up I guess I'll have to wait and find out.
9/19 c4 Lil Lost Lady
I think the lack of reviews aren't because it's not liked but more people enjoy reading the boys together without Luna as a pairing or Luna with just Noctis as the main pair. I'm much more flexible with pairings I enjoy though and this plot is quite interesting. There's also probably people who prefer the sweet/nice Luna to a mean/evil one though at this point I'd say evil yes but mean no. Because while what she's done is evil Luna's not being mean to the boys.

I had a feeling Prompto might be an MT somehow, hopefully she managed to save some of his Noctis related memories before they were erased. And boy Gladio is not gonna be happy when he wakes up is he?
9/19 c3 Lil Lost Lady
It's like I said back in my chapter one review 'Luna's doing them a favor' even she thinks so or at least in Prompto's case. I wonder if there's a reason he fell under her control so quickly and will she let him see Noctis and Ignis before like she was thinking?
9/19 c2 Lil Lost Lady
So if Ignis doesn't remember Noctis then does that mean that none of them will have their human memories at first or will Noctis have some due to his magic? What's the difference of her taking Noctis as her mate and her being with the other guys? Is she gonna have one of their babies? And is the egg MT thing hinting at Prompto's possible origins?
9/19 c1 Lil Lost Lady
Poor Iggy being targeted first. This deserves more reviews, you're the only one I've read evil Luna from but you're good at it. So Gladdy and Iggy are a couple originally with Prom and Noct being a kinda couple? In the case of Prompto and Noctis I guess it's not a horrible thing that she gets ahold of them, at least with her they get to stay together? In a way Luna will be doing them a favor, I'm just looking on the bright side of their likely mind controlled future. Or will they really come to care about her outside of that?
8/10 c1 Jostanos

I am stunned.
I am shocked.

"I am Iron Man." ~ Tony Stark.


I am astounded and amazed!

Thank you.
8/10 c1 fraidykat
So did you have fun writing this, hmm I bet you did. You are so mean to those boys they never get a break. Love it. Stay safe and well.'
Thank you,

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