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for Desire & Damnation: The 99th Hunger Games

1/10 c17 10ladyqueerfoot
D&D IS BACK D&D IS BACK D&D IS BACK ᴳᴿᴿᴿᴿᴿᴿᴿᴿᴿᴿᴿ ᵂᴼᴼᶠ ᵂᴼᴼᶠ ᴮᴬᴿᴷ ᴮᴬᴿᴷ ᴬᴿᶠ ᴮᴬᴿᴷ ᴳᴿᴿᴿᴿ ᵂᴼᴼᶠ ˢᴺᴬᴿᴸ ᴴˢˢˢˢ ᴳᴿᴿᴿᴿ ᵂᴼᴼᶠ ᵂᴼᴼᶠ ᴮᴬᴿᴷ ᴬᴿᶠ ᴳᴿᴿᴿᴿ ᴴˢˢˢˢ ᵂᴼᴼᶠ ᵂᴼᴼᶠ ᴮᴬᴿᴷ ᴬᴿᶠ ᴳᴿᴿᴿᴿᴿ ᴴˢˢˢˢˢ ᴮᴬᴿᴷ ᴬᴿᶠ ᴳᴿᴿᴿᴿ ᵂᴼᴼᶠ ᵂᴼᴼᶠ ᴮᴬᴿᴷ ᴳᴿᴿᴿ ˢᴺᴬᴿᴸ ᴬᴿᶠ ᵂᴼᴼᶠ ᴮᴬᴿᴷ ᴬᴿᶠ ˢᴺᴬᴿᴸ ᴴˢˢˢˢˢˢ

* hello gayboy who i adore w one arm
* and also a femmeboy
* yeah okay i know who dis guy is!
* sexy description kiss kiss
* so… dottie and delano, the d&d of d&d, wanna talk about ur blonde boy in common
* YEAH LOL he must feel fucking awful. the world really said bye social life and happiness fuck u quentin ur moms a whore
* yeah, he could’ve helped! too bad he’ll never help again!
* i forgot that dottie is just… saying braindead is mean but she sure is an entity. a traumatized one too
* i miss xavi now ;-;
* grape flavor sucks so true
* “on a train, on his way to add to the teen mortality rate statistic.” why are you so fucking funny christ
* one of the days of all time bye
* i think they should be best friends i think. femme boy and delulu’s bizarre adventure
* no theyre gonna be besties istg
* minisa seems sweet tf
* DELS ONLY GOT ONE ARM bahgahahah dottie u are way too disabled to be abliest rn
* god del is such a real one. he’s just so normal about his arm that isnt there
* detachable? weapon time
* brooke you are so fucking good at this shit - this is truly a fucking joy to read

* and she’s immediately on her hot girl thievery shit yeahhh fuck it up
* daww i wanted to see her do a cartwheel
* her commentary is so funny
* BEEN THERE A WEEK AGO! god i forgot this was a thing but its so silly goofy
* big brain plays w u connecting the two
* yeah he kinda is a freak
* this really is not going to end well for him
* trust those instincts girlypop! he IS weirdchamp asf
* bye not coro
* WAIT YEAH HE WAS WATCHING thats good thats good
* he is so lgbt (derogatory)
* playing it solo is smart esp when * gestures* yeah
* god she’s abt to drag his ass into oblivion this is funny asf
* he is SO pathetic. god…
* yknow i think the careers should take special interest in him it’d be funny
* “free cary” BYE
* “I guess I’m dumb” oh my god she is the moment!
* Right, “five solidarity” the same way kiki and xander do aka not at all
* i doooooooooo hope he blows up like a bomb
* i do think that her being stubborn asf is gonna get her ass killed tho.
* shame, i do like her
* but ultimately the miss keesha bit is too good

* oh dear lord
* mahogany hahahaha ofc
* “He really hates to admit it, but she looks good in the outfit the Academy picked out for her” stfu we literally didn’t ask
* just sit still and get appraised white boy
* “Kieran wasn’t going to let his guard down” is what he thinks until he meets the one and only Kai Thana
* god himeros is so fucking annoying
* he’s perfect; give him a raise
* “The rumors about Himeros Yuan being uncooperative, intolerable, and callous seem to be right on the money.” personally i’m tolerating him just great
* yes, great idea himeros! lets just… see why they hate each other. i’m sure that’s going to work so fucking great for you!
* i sure hope aurelius’ corpse didnt do any talking at all
* WHY CANT SHE MOVE? kieran oh my god since when are you 8 years old
* GOOD BOY… laney calm down
* this is the most effective couples therapy of all time /srs
* how is this career pack even going to exist
* that god damn mink coat! it all comes back to the mink coat!
* i think ur the jealous one here, kieran
* but hey, what do i know
* i forget why - that’s unhinged behavior tho
* YEAH IDIOT! you did kill tests!
* YOURE WORSE wow just has the best insults go white boy go
* BOTOX BLOATED BIMBO YOU LET HANG OFF YOUR COCK LIKE A MONKEY…. ummmmmm okay! that’s a bit harsh!
* he’s such a petty bitch
* "I can't tell if you're about to fight or fuck right in front of me." BYEEE he is everything to me
* these two are like children its so fucking funny
* but also real talk, im fascinated by them and all the possibilities. like… either neither of them kill one another or kieran kills her and is like huh i dont know what to do with my life now time to spiral. or like… she could kill him. but idk i dont see it
* WELL UR A FUCKING BITCH So… that was a lame retort ur right
* himeros be like me me me its me time its my turn me me me ! y’all fucked
* THE BOY HE KILLED IN THE FINALE? is that dean? oh…
* nobody:
kieran: hey its kinda like when we had the mink coat and…
* cute butterfly metaphor tho
* yeah. ur fucked bestie
* love u tho

* ah yes, racism. the only disease more potent than kieran and reverie.
* dear lord…. she just went in w that
* she doesnt deserve shark coochie board
* oh girl dont u dare put ur daddy issues on in front of me im not supposed to feel bad for u
* i mean wow. that’s sad.
* “she knew that Artan must've been from a genetic heritage similar to hers, and that she could trust him. “ oh my god
* y’know its been so long i forgot if mavis being racist is a bit we made up or like… real
* tis in fact not a bit
* Saying actually im upper middle class is sorta the richest thing you could do here artan buddy
* she is such a yucky eater
* artan i dont like u either ur a nerd
* i hope a poc kills her *daps cassia and sergeant up* c’mon kiddos ! you know what to do !
* delusions of heroism 2: delusions of racism
* LMAOO arran - this fucking nerd
* i think he did consider
* A LARGE THEMATIC DEPARTURE… katniss and peeta headass
* mavis doesnt seem like an effective wingwoman
* honestly, artan sucks for even giving mavis the time of day while she says shit like this
* “Sponsors would probably like the visual cohesion in their alliance.” girl
* i wish i could feel bad for her but she just like sucks


a: the loophole by garfunkel & oates

babygorl: cassia (2)
lil meow meows: kieran (1), shaffa (3), jupiter (4), del (8), emilio (9)
haha nice cock bro: reverie (1), keesha (5), juno (6), ginseng (7), wisteria (9)
cool!: sergeant (2), crossland (6), lulu (7), falo (10), jillion (11)
um ok: orion (3), fio (5), dottie (8), asahel (10), artan (12)
nah: yuly (11)
literally leave, bye!: kai (4), , mavis (12)

not much moved i just hate mavis more k BYEEEE
8/28/2022 c16 12goldie031
hello! or should i say goodbye(s)?

first of all, i have to say in general how effectively you resituated us with these characters though this chapter. which is to say - for some of them its been almost 2 years since we first met them but i found myself smoothly slotted into the storylines you set up in their intros back then, which is a huge testament to your abilities as a writer and smth im sure will continue as we move through pg!

so jillion. god this was a fascinating section because on the one hand you can kind of see where her mother and sister are coming from as much as it also feels almost inhumane. obviously theyre in d11 so idk what healthcare is like there but i genuinely dont know if its worse to leave him on life support if he'll never come back or to take him off even tho he might. very big stakes for our youngest tribute now.

emilio my still beloved ;-; i love that you chose to show off goodbyes for him bc usually if nothing happens in goodbyes its a writeoff for me but you gave him so much development and so many highlights through silence which is exceptional. i really like the way you structured this section, bouncing between his memories... god it was just all so good. very curious how this'll motivate him moving forward.

and then asahel. this is... an interesting situation. i think that his point of wanting to do something for himself is not a bad one, and if i remember his intro right, you did a great job of like. showing off the gaps between asahel and his family. however, when that something that he's doing for himself leads him to run off to follow a girl he barely knows to the death? yeah... thats not great. especially because i dont think falo gives a rats ass about asahel really so im super curious how this relationship is gonna develop. i find myself doubting itll go the way asahel wants it to...

all in all, a great chapter as always! the switch to present tense is really benefiting you too. curious to see what comes next :eyes:
8/28/2022 c15 goldie031
Hello bronk first of all im so glad to see dnd back from the dead even if the updates have been slow. I know I owe you like a bunch of intro reviews (and honestly idek which reviews im missing) but honestly the odds of those happening are very slim given life and stuff so im gonna try to give my thoughts on all the kids I missed as I go through the recap. Honestly I think the recap choice was very smart because especially after this amount of time. also I like the new chapter title formats on ffn very sexy.

First of all, as always, lisung and Kishor are fantastic. We love a good lesbian couple and yours are no exception. i gotta approve of the fact that your subplot is simply you pandering to yourself, definitely a good call on that front. I like also the way that, as in any good recap, you’re revealing some info to the reader while keeping another solid chunk of it secret. Definitely curious to see what else you’re gonna bring forward as we move through.

Ok I know I didn’t hit d1 but I def have to talk about Kieran and reverie bc theyre such a smart collab. The precise way in which theyre intertwined is so interesting bc theyre on such opposite sides of this story, and I think that even the way they present themselves in this moment is proof of that. Im curious to know a little bit more of how they’ll interact when we get into the games themselves because I cant quite remember on what terms they ended up – though im sure thatll be very different once things kick into gear.

D2 – cassia’s sweet which I love. I feel like this was like the last of linds’s really sweet kids for a while when she went kinda crazy but I don’t mean that in a bad way at all, I remember liking her. Sergeant… (goes back to his intro) (still doesn’t remember much) ok so he’s a daddy’s boy? Seems like he’ll fill the expected role in the pack well.

D3. Shaffa zorp is such a shiro name my god. I remembered liking her from the first intro read and when I went back to it I still liked her so consider that a success. Oh I just reread her intro wtf how does she get that sad. Orion’s neat from what I skimmed, definitely a vibe but not a ton more than that? I think? My memory is fuzzy.

D4. Logan kid! Instant win in my book. She’s a lot of fun. And kai… all I have to say about kai is a. im very concerned and confused. Please kill him.

D5 – fio I vaguely remember, I think he’s the games crazy kid? He’s a neat one. And then keesha my beloved whom you ace every time. I love how she just appears. She’s so cool.

D6 – crossland, right, he’s the one we all debated about, right? The kind of kid that’s just kinda complicated because you want to root for him but also you don’t? I have to go back and review his stuff more carefully bc I remember us being heavily back and forth. juno I also don’t remember much about but I like. Oh, theres a sibling thing at play here. Right. The twin that he died? Ouch. Big ouch for juno and now she’s gonna die anyway too.

D7 – ginseng. Crazy crow girl. That’s all I got. Now lucifer I do remember, he’s very cool. I liked his backstory with henrietta – wasn’t one of them one who couldn’t talk? One of phobie’s stronger early tribs for sure.

D8 – dottie and Delano! Two sweethearts. I remember liking their intros and being very interested I how you tied them together. Definitely a nice pair though and im curious what happens as they push on into the arena.

D9 – Emilio beloved ;-; the poor guy. Wisteria is a sweetheart as well, im glad she was there for him :plead:

D10 – oh. Falo and Asahel. Im going to pause here and resume my comments in the goodbyes review.

D11 – right I remember yuly. Another interesting and complex one iirc. And then jillion who is so fascinating – another one im gonna come back to next chapter just gimme a sec.

D12 - And finally mavis, whom we all hate, and artan, who I have no idea what he’s doing here. He’s the one who makes up a lot of stories? Or am I remembering wrong? Either way that’s quite the way to end the reapings.

All in all, as always, a great dnd chapter. im gonna try to keep up with you more now that we’re hopefully moving closer to the games, but I love seeing this story back alive and well. Here’s to pregames!
8/23/2022 c16 10ladyqueerfoot
fuck them kids? yeah, fuck them kids,

this is a sexy ass chapter title btw

have fun saying bye to ur parents or loved ones or whatever… lets fucking go

jillion: god okay this is already upsetting asf. she’s just a little baby and she’s concerned about what’s going to happen to her dad since she’s one of his primary caretakers. i hate reading this and knowing that because she’s a little girl she’s probs fucked and that means her dad is fucked too. also christ janna is being an asshole which i hate bc like imagine ur last memory w ur family is an argument. hate that thanks! she’s so strong even if she’s so young which again, makes me sad. yeah dilf is so fucked … what oh no secret i hate this. Janna smh i think we all think jillion is gonna die but we’re not saying it like u are bitch. WOW! i hated that secret so much! thats actually fucked up. understandable because like its defs hard for them to work and take care of him but also like… fucked up! so fucked up! i do enjoy that it gives her a motive now, not that she didn’t have one before, but just god this is so fucking rough. i hate it here! i hate the cops! what the fuck

emilio: yeah i doubt i’ll like this either oops. NOBODY VISITS HIM THE FUCK? i hate this chapter so much what the actual fuck! having to hear wisty and her family is an exceptionally awful bounce too damn. i simply would be his friend so hard. i also really relate to the grandpa thing like my bestie was my grandpa growing up and this flashback was very sweet. also very upsetting because just… he’s just a baby WAHHH. OH more grandpa flashbacks but also homeboy being bullied i hate this oh my god. emilio deserves so much better. why the hell was he sent to die… PUPPET FLASHBACK WTF! i hate this so much… i swear if he has a puppet for his token i will eat a brick. i also think its fascinating btw to have emilio w a goodbye pov even tho nobody is seeing him since you’re reflecting on who /should/ see him. idk its smart shit lowkey. i sorta hope nobody tells him where emilio is tbh like if i were dying i’d not want to worry abt where he is but also fuck now emilio may never get to say goodbye. pls be free my lentil friend i laurv u so much knock ‘em dead bestie

asahel: okay so already he’s being told that he’s dumb as fuck for volunteering for coochie. so glad we’re on the same page asahel. like tbh at least diesel had a bad bitch like verity he was chasing. falo is cool but she’s also Juicy Meat Steak Knife core and i’d not die for her. i like enjoy the writing of his reasoning but im equally like damn what the fuck is wrong with this dude. leaving his whole ass fambam without him because of this bitch from, work. like damm my guy has so much to live for back in Ten and then he throws it all away. selfish and creepy of him tbh. IF HES UR PRIORITY THAN WHY ARE U LEAVING HIM! REZO IS SPEAKING TRUE TEAS! okay this is cute that he doesn’t have any freedom with them and like this is his one chance to be an individual and not just his family’s keeper but also dude what the actual fuck? I like “the people who know him best in the world. The people who don’t know him at all.” That was a banging line. BAHAHAHA AINARA UR SO SILLY PLS KISS ME ON THJE MOUTH… oh asahel pls no slut shaming in my chills yeah again ainara speaks facts. god asahel is being such a bitch . like calm down you love the idea of her u hardly know her and now ur fam is understandably upset but ur making it about urself. i hate men.

i think the worst ship in this cast is actually falo and asahel.

anyway, this was a great chapter even tho i am actually a misandrist unless emilio. and the other boys that aren’t kai. im very upset right now tho! and like that was probs what u wanted me to feel so congrats

babygorl: cassia (2)
lil meow meows: kieran (1), shaffa (3), jupiter (4), del (8), emilio (9)
haha nice cock bro: reverie (1), keesha (5), juno (6), ginseng (7), wisteria (9)
cool!: sergeant (2), crossland (6), lulu (7), falo (10), jillion (11)
um ok: orion (3), fio (5), dottie (8), asahel (10), artan (12)
nah: yuly (11), mavis (12)
literally leave, bye!: kai (4)

i’m genuinely upset with myself for daring to put asahel in haha nice cock bro when his cock is ugly disgusting. he goes in um okay but only because below that is a charitable whore, a racist, and a bone demon.

k byeeee,
6/8/2022 c15 ladyqueerfoot

bout damn time /j, college really do be like that! i did be missing this fic hella tho, so i am very hype to go ahead and read this right now. as a white teen with teeth i already feel so seen

* wow this is the sexiest header i’ve seen in my entire life wow i am pissing my pants right now this is incredible
* i dont want to see her horrific ideas its okay keep them to urself queen
* twenty eight hours is not very many… ur gonna need like 6 five hour energies to maximize ur productivity
* BAHAH and u mentioned energy drinks OOPs
* “the Master of Ceremonies could stand to gain something from them as well” or you’re gay. it’d be easier if you just said that you were gay.
* OH and we’re in present tense i forgot we transformed go us we are so superior
* LAVISH? is that a reference to the SYOT i havent written in a year?
* yeah kishor there is beef dont worry about it
* I WANT KIERAN GOLDEN SHORT DRESS *claps twice to summon my little art nymph* erik do it
* i think he is so cute no matter what he wears
* fascinating is one word for it
* LOL ofc sarge is wearing fucking skinny jeans and he has the bling, good for him ig? iced out alcoholic, serving sergeant adronicus on the rocks
* dont hurt her just dont
* BAHAH ofc orion is happy he’s reaped he’s like oh thank god now i can have an interesting life and dont have to talk about xerxes
* “cant imagine he’s in the mood to work” tats what happens when ur kid is reaped luv
* HUSKY VOICE? Oh SHIT OOGA BOOGA MAMMA MIA! hiiii jupiiii hh i love it when women
* UM?
* kai? you’re not u when ur hungry, have a snickers
* god why did he do this? why is he like this?
* honestly the worst part about thai is he took the love of my life thana achillea’s name and made it his last name. that’s so racist, sexist, homophobic, etc of him
* ew
* i had a whole passage that i highlighted to say ew about but i didnt press copy on accident but u get what i mean, ew
* idk if he’s gay but like he’s gonna be rudely awakened so bad
* rise and shine princess the bone demon is here
* keesha is so fucking cool i luv her for this
* imagining crossland’s firm handshake just gave me a reverse boner im sorry
* ofc ginseng cried… girl this is what u get for stepping on a bird. nah she’s chill im just joshing
* thats statistics omg tea
* delano looks fucking queer
* i enjoy him
* maybe he will get an arm as a treat ayooo?
* lisung i think we’d all prefer it if u just outright said “wtf that bitch dottie is batshit bonkers”
* wisteria is chill asf as expected god i am sad that emilio is sad i adore him so much i hate this
* girl wtf is a viridescent
* even rich people die ig
* seeing somebody volunteer because they really want dawn girl coochie feels wrong
* i realize i have a kid who did that but like at least they were dating
* there is no way falo likes men
* falo is like oh that little servant bitch is crazy huh
* YEAH GOD KISHOR REALLY DO BE INTROSPECTIVE? its almost like she’s reading these tribute forms too huh
* yuly…. bye i think its a good thing they’re leaving the children
* okay jillion? thats silly and goofy of u damn
* how dare he have depth i wanted another twink to shit on
* i pretend i do not see
* yeah this is so funnnn
* oh love? UM QUEER?

very poggers content of u not that i expected otherwise. i believe in d&d supremacy as a treat, this was all incredibly sexy. i agree, my blog is so hot *sucks my own dick*

my nipples are rock harder u dw

OH and im gonna do the chart thingyyyy kYAaaa i found mine in the d2 review but hmm mayhaps i must tweak it

babygorl: cassia (2)
lil meow meows: kieran (1), shaffa (3), jupiter (4), del (8), emilio (9)
haha nice cock bro: reverie (1), keesha (5), juno (6), ginseng (7), wisteria (9), asahel (10)
cool!: sergeant (2), crossland (6), lulu (7), falo (10), jillion (11)
um ok: orion (3), fio (5), dottie (8), artan (12)
nah: yuly (11), mavis (12)
literally leave, bye!: kai (4)

if ur kid isnt in the highest tier do better next time and make a better kid /j

my opinions literally mean nothing

but yeah! yay update ty for writing i am hype for next year’s chapter already
6/8/2022 c14 ladyqueerfoot
(i wrote this review in aug 2021 but for some reason i thought it’d be cute and quirky if i didn’t post it till the next chapter dropped and now it’s nearly been a year whoops)

AHHH! at long last, at long FUCKING LAST! it is them… the infamous kieran locke and reverie berlusconi of district one. no disrespect to you brooke, but christ almighty it’s about damn time, i’ve been hearing about these two bitches for literally a year.

and do not worry! do not fret! i am not at all disappointed, no sir. miss laney and miss maggie simply popped the fuck off with these kiddos i said what i said

kieran: he is just doing his best. kieran is just a sad boy who is doing his best! he was down bad for reverie so bad it made him look stupid, oh wait! he still is! sort of! god he is so cute and precious, this little piano man. billy joel is literally shaking in his boots, or grave if he’s dead. he just wants the band back but nope! brother is dead. nope! ex gf killed him. yeah, that’s a bad fucking bounce. i love the way you like intertwined these two’s lil stories and didn’t really spill all of the tea in each one. i simply think that they are both valid, but kieran is baby and precious to me, and he doesn’t really get what exactly he did to reverie i feel, so like obviously he’s going to be confused. he is so perfect i am obsessed laney why did u do this. i think maybe he should be allowed to kill reverie as a treat, he is so confused and he deserves better

reverie: yeah yeah she’s a bad bitch with many secrets, i kind of adore that for her. all of the kieran slander is making me sad though he is doing his best and he doesn’t understand. i love how despite her being incredibly poor, she is still so stuck up and pretentious, you would think she’s rich. is it class traitor vibes? mayhaps it do be. she knows what she wants and she is probably the #1 threat in this arena, because she has already proven that she simply does get what she wants, since she is volunteering at 17. she’s so incredibly ruthless, it’s almost scary. but also it’s hot because i am a whore. idk if callista deserved to be murked tbh, especially because my mans kieran is just trying to breathe… and we don’t even know what aurelio did, like fully? i got hints of attempted assault? or maybe it was more than an attempt? anyway, we hate to see a girl boss winning, but also reverie please take your xanax

before i dip! umm i just want to say that:

He couldn't have any hesitation. The end of the Games was going to be the end of his life, in more ways than one.

"Readier than I'll ever be," he said. "Nothing will get between us in that Arena."

Reverie wouldn't have any hesitation. The end of the Games was going to be the beginning of her life, in more ways than one.

"Readier than I'll ever be," she said. No further comment was needed.

what sexy parallels. i do not now how to extrapolate but yeah, sexy!

AYEE and we are done w intros! lets fucking gooo! these all popped tf off tbh idc how long it took, these all left no crumbs

(okay and then i didnt end it but no i would not love u if u were a worm sucks to suck and also idk where tf my chart is but i’ll do it again after i read recap k byeee)
6/8/2022 c15 3Mykindleisawesome
fuck it

-hi this is the best day of my life (part one)
-lisung ur literally so sexy idk
-i should read the other intros but like i've already *read* them i just haven't reviewed bc i'm stupid
-"her little playthings," *sighs dreamily* why can't that be me...
-love it when head gamemakers are like what if i fucked around and dehumanized the tributes
-"First impressions are usually something the Head Gamemaker does alone, but Lisung figures the Master of Ceremonies could stand to gain something from them as well." yeah she's going to gain Your Presence bc she's fucking gay and so are u (or at least i think this is where that plotline was going)
-(i should read the interlude)
-"Their matching volunteer outfits are always fun." BYE I FORGOT ABOUT THIS
-d1 is so fucking stupid
-i hope they're really miserable together
-"he pales in comparison next to his District partner" it's okay kieran i still think ur based as fuck
-"the two representatives from One shake hands, the boy's grip all too stiff." that moment when u have to shake the hand of the girl that killed ur brother
-he's probably there going wow this is one of the hands she fucking murdered my brother with
-"Are you disappointed that Locke didn't volunteer in a short golden dress?" well now i am. personally this was a missed opportunity on my part
-"What's Aurelius's relationship to Kier?" teehee
-"She reminds me of a little puppy." cassia is so fucking cute on god
-"Orion Amsel, who looks almost pleasantly surprised to be called." what the fuck? oh yeah i know i didn't read d3 so like that would probably help but uh idk i got excited to read a new chapter anyway so here i am. intrigued by whatever the fuck orion's deal is
-"The camera zeroes in on a girl with two braids, whose expression is steely and fierce. The crowd parts for her like water as she treads through them, clean and without hesitation." JUPITER YOU ARE SOOOO SEXY
-" He is barely halfway through a name before he is cut off by a "I vol—" and a sickening squelch." UMMM?
-"Looks like the Careers'll have fun this year." they literally will not
-god i hope they're all miserable
- "They call me Bone Demon."

"I don't think anyone calls him that," Kishor says." this exchange is fucking sending me :skull: i think u call urself the bone demon kai my boy
-kishor is so completely unbothered by this
-btw i wanted to state now on the record that if u try any d1/d4 boy homo shit with my son and kai of all people i'll revolt
-i'll hunt u down
-i love d&d
-" one exceptionally well-dressed boy in in the sixteen year-old section." fio is such a fucking loser *beats him up*
-"Happy Birthday to me, am I right?" I FORGOT IT'S HIS FUCKING BIRTHDAY
-*softly* there is something so wrong with him...
-"One minute she's nowhere to be seen in the crowd, and the next she's stomping up the podium with her combat boots, head held high and assured. A pair of black sunglasses obscures her eyes. Lisung doesn't know what to make of her." i do she's so incredibly based and swagpilled
-"She oozes cool." HELP?
-"Poor thing," Kishor pouts. "I'm surprised that's the first crier we've gotten so far." help take 2? why is that her reaction :skull: "wow wild why haven't there been more crybabies"
-do u WANT there to be more crybabies
-lisung u fucking nerd why are u rattling off statistics about losers that cry
-"Astarte also doesn't have an arm," Lisung points out, and frowns. "I think I want to do something about that." what the fuck does this mean
-"Seems like it might be due to a traumatic childhood experience." i like really vaguely remember this but also not at all. i think dottie and delano had some kind of connection in their intros? some guy in common? idk
-"Emilio Carver, however, poorly masks his terror. He looks pitiable as he slowly drags his feet to the podium, white-button up already drenched in sweat." if anything bad happens to elio i will literally shit
-i so desperately need for him to be okay
-i'm on my hands and knees here
-"a booming voice erupts from the crowd. "I volunteer!" an older boy shouts, slightly flushed and out-of-breath. His eyes are wide as if he can't believe he's doing this, but his jaw is firmly set with resolve. Both of his fists hang at his sides, fingers whitening as he clenches them harder." ANOTHER SIMP VOLUNTEER...? ASAHEL WHAT IS THIS BESTIE...
-i want to see this train rides pov so bad. i really don't care whose pov it is i just need to see it
-tea *limp wrist*
-"He gives a not-so-subtle glance at Falo, who is wide-eyed and still." maybe he's more endearing than i remember i'm looking forward to hearing from him again
-"A note of recognition enters Falo's expression as she and Asahel shake hands, yet it appears to do little to quell her palpable unease. She looks much more unnerved than she is comforted by his presence, but Lisung can't seem to clock why." i don't know either but this is fucking hilarious
-"The unlucky Twelve girl is named Mavis Marigold, who looks near sickly in her pale-pink dress several sizes too small. The escort wholly ignores Mavis as she starts to dry-heave, her breaths making a rattling noise as if her diaphragm was threatening to cave in on itself." help
-"Melisandra Terris and William Farza k-killed someone two months ago!" Artan squeaks, entirely unconvincingly." HELP?
-"He is immediately berated by the escort, who yanks the microphone back from Artan and admonishes him in front of the entire District for "being a bad boy." I'M FUCKING LAUGHING D12 IS CLOWNERY THIS YEAR
-"those are our little chess pieces for the 99th Annual Hunger Games." calling them chess pieces is actually my personal favorite term for tributes
-"Oh, love," Kishor hums, "you'll ruin them." sex
-i'll read and review the rest of intros later idk why i was so inspired to just sit down and review this now but go me
-love u
-if u make kieran and kai interact literally at all i'll hunt you down

a: 11
11/14/2021 c14 14Josephm611
and finally, district one. the kids that i have seen very much talk about and therefore make me very, very nervous.

kieran... gosh i have trouble seeing this name without getting a ton of other associations. like dawn's kiernan or the d5 kiran (whom i love dearly and uh [redacted to avoid spoilers]). plus i think of a video game character so that's that. his s/ws are a pretty scattered bag that make me curious but don't give me a strong direction soooooo let's go!
oh my gosh he's a pianist. that instantly wins many many points as a pianist myself. and his father taught him piano! that's so AWWWWWWW gosh i love that. ok i do play the guitar some too but piano is my main one so i'm with you on this one kieran.
i like a good sibling rivalry backstory, largely because it's very real and makes the characters feel a lot more real too.
WAIT NO THIS IS SO EMBARASSING I COMPLETELY MISREAD. i thought "his brother's murderer" was a third person reference to himself but it was Not and i'd take that reaction out bc embarassment but i'll leave it in for your entertainment you're welcome. also i keep thinking siren is pandora and then realizing that it doesn't make sense and then getting confused again. problems of an overthinker.

reverie... i will admit that this is a super pretty name. but her s/ws were already littered with red flags and after kieran's intro... gosh this will be messy
four paragraphs in and i already hate her very much. and then she expected kieran to take her side like GIRL you off your rocker bye. i just. do not like her. ok so you were working class well that ain't gonna help your case in the slightest.
woah. so. aurelius had tried to. rape her? is that it? why does everything just keep getting messier i hate it here. but like. that doesn't really make her any better of a person since she killed/injured callista and just.
it seems like there were attempts to make her sympathetic but i'm not falling for it. sorry. no me gusta ella para nada y no me cambiarás

it seems kieran gets his own new category too. here's the final chart.
level of :pleading_face:
(The order of the categories doesn't necessarily matter.)
over 9000 - asahel, falo
not really but i love you anyway - juno, crossland, sergeant
very much so - jillian, emilio, wisteria, dottie, jupiter, orion
not really but i enjoy your existence - kieran
:pleading_face: - delano, ginseng, shaffa, cassia
kinda? - artan, lucifer, fioynder, keesha
not at all but you make me sad: kai
no. - mavis
aw nah not by a long shot - yuly, reverie
11/14/2021 c13 Josephm611

sergeant... can i say how much i love his first name. sergeant. it has such a good ring to it. it fits d2 very well. i like it Much. his s/ws don't give me much yet bc a lot of them seem very d2 except conflicted, but it's not like conflicted careers are unheard of
that's... certainly a first paragraph. and an opening scene. when i saw conflicted, this was not what i was anticipating. ohhhhh so this is an arranged marriage? i def don't see that very often in syots for careers, this is fascinating. (nvr mind that i suddenly realize that i have two arranged marriages in my own syot whoops) but man this is a tricky place to be isn't it. his family situation is terrible and it's spilled all over and ruined his own life too.
he's got an interesting outlook. as annoyed and unhappy as he is with him family situation, he almost seems unbothered in the sense that he hasn't really let it determine his attitude and outlook on life, which is really fascinating.
ooooooh his aversion to alcohol is SUPER interesting for him because most "rebellious" or adventurous kids usually use drinking as a way of living their own life, but he's so principled in this way. i love the way he sticks to his conviction in this sense; it gives him a groundedness that lot of "life my own life" kids don't have. and then that sobering conclusion and it's just depressing
all in all i like him. the more i think about him, the more i like him. hhhhh where do i want to place him on my list... i think i do in fact love sergeant

cassia... i remember her being super into the stars, right? her s/ws are certainly interesting and loud. idealistic is interesting.
awwwww we love a healthy mother-daughter relationship. but alas, as the parental figure in an syot, she is doomed to either suck or die, and in this case she dies. WAIT SHE WAS HOMESCHOOLED AWWWWWW i was a homeschooled kid too.
she seems so lonely. i did /not/ expect that from her s/ws which are usually indicative of very social and more popular kids.
(oooooh sergeant cameo)
i don't have as much to say about her i don't think. do i like her? somewhat? she's definitely sympathetic. but i'm not strongly feeling anything about her yet so she'll go in just "pleading_face:

level of :pleading_face:
(The order of the categories doesn't necessarily matter.)
over 9000 - asahel, falo
not really but i love you anyway - juno, crossland, sergeant
very much so - jillian, emilio, wisteria, dottie, jupiter, orion
:pleading_face: - delano, ginseng, shaffa, cassia
kinda? - artan, lucifer, fioynder, keesha
not at all but you make me sad: kai
no. - mavis
aw nah not by a long shot - yuly
11/12/2021 c12 Josephm611
now district three!

shaffa... ok i love her name? her s/ws also make me sad already
huh this is already super interesting. paranormal investigators? that's definitely new. THEY'RE GHOSTBUSTERS LOL. but shaffa's zoning out and LOL this scene is hilarious.
"none of us touched the cat" - she's a thief isn't she.
the name javasmith is cracking me up.
ah. she convinces people that there are ghosts in their houses and then charges them to clean the house of ghosts. that's. :woozy: so she is a thief, just in a different way.
awwwww i love to see a close father-daughter relationship. it's not that common in syots ig. and now she's lonely and sad and just. gosh.
question: why does she do the money stealing ghost thing? it's not like she needs the money? wait ok just reread she's doing it for her friends huh.
i like her well enough. not a huge fave but her motivations are sympathetic and i'm excited to see more of her.

orion... huh i like his blog vibe, seems like a kid i will like. maybe.
of course his intro starts off with stars. his name is literally orion like what else would it be. and dang that's certainly a story. idk what i expected when i started this pov but i wasn't /that/ and yet there was something so fun and so... cozy? about the story? like it's something someone would read while sitting at the fireplace.
this boy is so sad in a completely different way. he's totally numb. and that hurts too. he's detached himself from his emotions so that he doesn't have to feel. he denies that he has any pain and yet he knows he must be hurting. yet he doesn't feel it. and he doesn't want to deal with it and would just rather continue on in his detached, cold world.
this is so sad. i really like him. idk why. i just do. his story feels very realistic. it's not melodramatic. it's just what it is, and he's trying to deal with it and just. gosh. this is so sad.

level of :pleading_face:
(The order of the categories doesn't necessarily matter.)
over 9000 - asahel, falo
not really but i love you anyway - juno, crossland
very much so - jillian, emilio, wisteria, dottie, jupiter, orion
:pleading_face: - delano, ginseng, shaffa
kinda? - artan, lucifer, fioynder, keesha
not at all but you make me sad: kai
no. - mavis
aw nah not by a long shot - yuly
11/12/2021 c11 Josephm611
sorry if my reviews get shorter i think i'm starting to reach a limit but i will finish d3 as i promised to

jupiter... okok i like those s/ws that's kinda up my alley
this beginning of this intro is so calming? it's very nice. everything's just warm and cozy and nice? so her family's richer, but she feels more at home with the asburys and that's so fair of her. awwwww and this bit with dana and eating is also so :pleading_face:. and awww this friendship is just everything and i love it and just. the vibes and warmth and closeness i adore this?
she doesn't want to go into the games. but she's gonna do it anyway. and gosh this is already sad.
i love her a lot. it's a pretty simple story, but its a realistic one and that's good enough. she seems like a real person and i love that? it stands out amidst all the various tragic backstories we have in this cast.

kai... hmm he seems like standard cold career boy but we shall see OH GOSH WHAT IS THAT TRIGGER WARNING OH NO
oh my gosh he's a serial killer isn't he. and of course he has a tragic backstory for me to feel sympathetic. for now.
wait this is actually so sad. and their decision to join the ship and then his brother gets swept overboard and oh my gosh this is so sad and then a shark eats them up and GOSH OH GOSH THIS IS SO SAD and now he's going insane and uh oh...
yep. now he's a serial killer. he was consumed by a intense need for vengeance and it ended up destroying him.
i don't like him particularly. but he makes me sad. idk where to put that on my chart maybe he gets his own category look at him being special

level of :pleading_face:
(The order of the categories doesn't necessarily matter.)
over 9000 - asahel, falo
not really but i love you anyway - juno, crossland
very much so - jillian, emilio, wisteria, dottie, jupiter
:pleading_face: - delano, ginseng
kinda? - artan, lucifer, fioynder, keesha
not at all but you make me sad: kai
no. - mavis
aw nah not by a long shot - yuly
11/12/2021 c10 Josephm611
now for d5!

fioynder... oh gosh his s/ws are very very unnerving. then again, i thought crossland was going to be terrible and he wasn't so... idk? we'll see?
huh. they're watching last year's games, is it? this kind of reaction is not very common for district kids. tho i makes sense in relatively loyal d5. and calling the reaping the best day of the year? his interest in clothes is also so fascinating for district kids as well that AREN'T from d8.
child of capitolite! that makes everything make a lot more sense, i can see where he's coming from. his love for the games is just really wacky and fascinating and gosh it's gonna be dashed to pieces, won't it? i can't say i'm attached enough to him for that to hurt me but it's def interesting psychologically.
an oh my gosh he's just so out of touch with how much the violence of the games hurts people.
i don't hate him. at all. he's just so disconnected and oblivious and just. it's like. boi.

keesha... her name is so good it gives me sweetheart vibes. tho her s/ws are not sweeheart so we'll see?
so she's the thief of the cast! there's always one. and she just. straight up steals. huh. there's something strange about they way they steal. it's so... relaxed. like this is their hobby. and that's kinda questionable
oh my gosh home invasion. she's doing it for the thrill and. i'm lowkey kinda unamused sorry. LOL SHE STOLE FIOYNDER'S DAD'S THING. tho she's returning it?
sorry goldie i don't dislike her but. i also don't really get her. i'm just. a little confusion. not over information or specifics but over vibes and stuff.

level of :pleading_face:
(The order of the categories doesn't necessarily matter.)
over 9000 - asahel, falo
not really but i love you anyway - juno, crossland
very much so - jillian, emilio, wisteria, dottie
:pleading_face: - delano, ginseng
kinda? - artan, lucifer, fioynder, keesha
no. - mavis
aw nah not my a long shot - yuly
11/12/2021 c9 Josephm611
anyway i am back? maybe i will get through intros? maybe i wont? imma at least try to get through d3 for sure tho

juno... no strong thoughts on her blog post, tho those s/ws def give me a vibe that i enjoy
she's an oldest child! also i love the d6 vibes you're going for bc it's very specific in a way that i rarely see. she seems like a good older sister too which i always love. tho there's mention of an incident so... another tragic backstory incoming?
awwwww basically tucking her brother in
dead brother? oh my gosh this is sad. esp that flashback. also that he overdosed... this is pretty real stuff, sadly. tho it seems like she wasn't /too/ close with him? still, family is family. vesta's grieving in her own way and it impacts the vesta and juno relationship it seems.
wait juno is such a mood. like the way she listens to all the gossip and can't really follow and really doesn't care but is trying to be a good sister. kudos to you i like you.
OH MY GOSH VESTA THAT'S JUST GOSH. i get she's grieving but also like juno's just trying to be good and responsible and GAH UGH
i love juno. she's probably my favorite so far gosh she's so good
question is, does she give me :pleading_face: vibes? not really. but she's def relatable in a way that most of the other kids aren't. a lot of the kids make me want to hug them. she just makes me want to be her friend.

crossland... first of all that fc is literally a 28 yo but that's not really relevant so i pretend i do not see. also he has such villain vibes soooooo ig this will be fun?
he's hard working. ok. starting off with a good trait. tho i feel like this won't last. plus the vibes are very :woozy: already tho i can't put my finger on why. this methodical diligence tho so far is something i always admire
so. flashback. is this tragic backstory time.
yep. this is tragic backstory time. so far i like him tho i am so scared bc i feel like things are about to get twisted so fast. he's being so hardworking and taking the hit for the family even tho he grew up richer! gosh i really want to like him. i do like him for now.
uh oh. "until he met him." this sounds very bad. yep this is very bad. he's getting sucked in and this relationship is becoming his everything and i already know it's about to all fall down. and zhast is asking for money. i see where this is going.
and he exposes them in revenge. gosh. while i won't say he's justified... i also can't blame him and i'm not mad at him. i was also the kid that would snitch and tho i don't do it much i personally don't mind a snitch as long as it's not like. out of pride or self-seeking. this was out of revenge. so. i do not condone but i do not condemn.
i love crossland. hesitantly bc he gives me some :woozy: vibes but i do like him a ton

level of :pleading_face:
(The order of the categories doesn't necessarily matter.)
over 9000 - asahel, falo
not really but i love you anyway - juno, crossland
very much so - jillian, emilio, wisteria, dottie
:pleading_face: - delano, ginseng
kinda? - artan, lucifer
no. - mavis
aw nah not my a long shot - yuly
11/10/2021 c8 Josephm611
oh? interlude?

LOL i was boutta say yep the subplot seems like self-indulgence but that's what we all do with our subplots to some extent, right? i'm not the hugest romance person but this was very well done. their dynamic is clearly defined and the chemistry works.

imma take a break for the sake of the next kids coming up bc my brain kinda goes numb after a few reviews and i'll eventually start hating everyone if i keep going lol.
11/10/2021 c7 Josephm611
and now district seven!

ginseng... omg she's a smol. she seems very Good too why have there been so many Good kids this is gonna hurt
ok so far she seems like a younger sibling that's frustrated with the context she's been placed in. plus it seems like there's high standards for school in her family and she just doesn't care that much.
woah. be careful, girl. omg bird's nest! gosh when a character takes care of little animals, they're a million times more :pleading_face: than they were before. and aviary! tho i wonder if there's something up with crows?
WOAH. THE WAY SHE JUST. KILLED THE CROW. THAT'S. kinda scary? impressive? idek i did NOT see that coming and well. uh. interesante?

lucifer... i have heard much about this child. he's giving me cal from to coda vibes, but a little less calm? we'll see.
yep, there's the battle ring, the one i heard about. tho whom is he trying to see? gosh lucifer is obviously skilled, tho he's been fairly unreactive through this entire process. probably bc he needs that stoicness to survive.
trying to see someone in the brothel? so he's forced and stuck in this place bc of a gang, got it. or cult. this is so weird.
so. henrietta. they've been given over to this gang by another gang? woah. child soldiers. rival gang. undercover. this is all very very intense. and all this ruse they have to pull to be together.
idk yet how i feel about it? i wouldn't say i'm attached to him yet, though his story fascinates me. yeah. that's probably it for now. it'll have time to change, but for now, it's mostly his story that i'm interested in.

level of :pleading_face:
(The order of the categories doesn't necessarily matter.)
over 9000 - asahel, falo
not really but i love you anyway -
very much so - jillian, emilio, wisteria, dottie
:pleading_face: - delano, ginseng
kinda? - artan, lucifer
no. - mavis
aw nah not my a long shot - yuly
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