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for Human AU Drabbles

1/10 c8 hooon
Can you make a Jennyanydots x Bustopher pairing story in the next chapter, please
1/6 c1 hooon
Would you like to make a "friendship" and "humor" story for Bustopher Jones, Jennyanydots, Gus, and Skimbleshanks.

Take place 2019 movie-verse after they thought defeated Growltiger in teamwork and during Grizabella singing "Memory" in fount of everyone. Jennyanydots taking good care Gus, but Bustopher Jones and Skimbleshanks yelling to each other (Bustopher hate Skimbles' tap dance, and Skimbles hate Bustopher for not sharing foods). Suddenly, they get into trouble with Growltiger once again. How their relationship changed? Will they get in time before reunite everyone at the lion statue?
1/5 c1 bee
just wondering who drew the cover art? it is very pretty!
1/4 c4 5musicaltheatress0978
Ahhh! This is just what I NEEDED! Thank u! Thank j! Thank u for coming back to life!,
1/3 c5 10SqueakyDolphin6
Squeee! (Jumps up and down excitedly like Etcetera catching a glimps of Tugger) I love it! So cute! Thank you for bringing my suggestion to life.
1/3 c4 SqueakyDolphin6
This is so cute! I love what you've done with each coupke so far. Mistoria is my favorite ship, so I'd loce to see more of them, but I'd also love to read more about Pounce and Etcy, like how their first date goes. Suggestions: I would really love to see Munk/Dem and Jemima with...? In this world of the High School, if you went that way, I could see Jenny and Skimble as teachers who are secretly crushing on each other and the kits do something to force them together. Just a though. I think it could be cute, like in Clueless.
10/27/2020 c3 5musicaltheatress0978
It’s great! Can you please do more Bomba/Tugger? Please?
8/24/2020 c1 musicaltheatress0978
How does this have only one review? This is awesome! Looking forward to more TuggerxBomba
8/13/2020 c2 Paul Larimone
Don't mind the cliche things. This story is good and I believe everyone can use some short, nice stories from time to time. Anyway, thank you for writing such a wonderful story. Looking forward to more TuggerXBomba

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