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5/12 c6 Eliza
Aww Ben that's so sweet, but that was the perfect time to KISS THE GIRL! Yes I know I had put "kiss the girl" from the little mermaid in all caps because that's my favorite the little mermaid song because it reminds me of Ariel because ariel's one of the few Disney princesses with red hair.
5/9 c25 Eliza
Sounds like what our friends told Brett this past Friday.
5/7 c14 1Massive HTTYD Fan
Right. I think I officially need a break from this story. If we're going to have any more Audrey POVs leading up to Queen of Mean, and if Leah and Natalie are going to be around... Absolutely not. (this isn't critiscism. I just genuinely cannot handle the emotional overload that Leah and Natalie together provide.)
I very much wish Phillip had resorted to punching Leah in the face and kicking her out of the castle, but. Well. She's his grandmother through blood if nothing else and he's a prince. Someone really should punch Leah though. Actually it would be really nice to see her dead. Again. Hades deserves to have her soul to himself.
5/7 c4 Massive HTTYD Fan
Damn, the feels are hitting hard with the "old" crew. Like, man. Losing a friend is always hard. I don't know the full story but Uma leaving Mal to drown feels so wrong?
5/3 c29 4TheGirlofManyFloods
Ooh... Foreshadowing.
5/3 c19 TheGirlofManyFloods
LOL! I have been reading Akiho as Ahiko the entire time. Why, I don't know. It just soulds better.
5/1 c13 AvatarUzumaki
Leah should have gone to the isle for this! but no just take her title away and thats it! there is no punishment there, she should have gone to the isle
4/6 c11 ScoutGinevera
(I'm not currently logged in). I can't remember if I put this in a review last time I read this story but I literaly laughed my head off when Kitty said her bra line. Why? Just why?
2/21 c18 ObsidianDarkArrow
Started rereading the series and just noticed the verse from the song absolutely loved it!
2/16 c31 34GlraxaystarfireKatnissbluerose
please write more soon it getting really good
11/28/2020 c31 19Sorceress of Magic
Wow that was a wild ride. I love that you dove into audreys mindset at that time and gave her a reason for her actions. I love D3 so I can’t wait to read the next story :)
11/18/2020 c31 kaia
congrats on finishing this one!
11/18/2020 c28 kaia
love the quotes from Boromir and Faramir you threw in!
11/7/2020 c26 Arbiter8991
I like the insight about power struggle at the Island. Personally I would consider there would be more gangs, since villains are too selvish to cooperate, but it still creates a quite clear image of social structure.
11/6/2020 c13 Arbiter8991
Politics are though subject. Brilliant idea with setting up the Queen Leah to sabotage the Island. Her defense wasnt as Smart, but it worked within purpose. You also managed to avoid the trap of splitting the debate too much (it happens when you have many charakters in one room and try to voice them all. Common mistake in political plots). Long story short, Its not the Best political debate i saw in writing, but you did great.
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