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12/29/2021 c7 James
I am a fan of your work. Keep it Up!
10/2/2020 c7 AmrutaV
Huh. My review didn't post... Either way, I killed my account so I'm just writing this way. And thanks for the mention! Love the ending, but I wonder if you'll make a sequel. Really love school AUs.
10/1/2020 c7 AmrutaV
Awww, I got a mention! Love ya, Sammy! So, I killed my account. But I can't bear to leave these stories, so I'll just review this way. Wonderful ending. I'm excited for the new stories! *fangirl scream*
10/2/2020 c7 amrven017
Hey! This is AmrutaV, BTW. Had to change my name. I love the ending! A beautiful work, Sammy. Thanks for the mention! I will definitely read your new story. Love it!
10/1/2020 c7 10Queenbookerly
It's done? absolutely Tragic! I seriously loved it tho! the ending was great, i loved how you developed the relationships, and it was overall really cute! Gonna miss this fluffy little thing!
9/30/2020 c1 Wheelerfortune
So, I just read halfway through the first chapter and this fic's got my interest. Why didn't I bother reading this before, mate? It's so good!
9/16/2020 c6 Queenbookerly
AH I FEEL LIKE SUCH A TERRIBLE FFIEND I FORGOT ABOUT IT IM SORRY! Aaannnnywho, great chapter! Lots of drama queens, love the comedy. Just the entirety of this chapter is hilarious. Everyone was on point! Great job!
9/11/2020 c4 3The Phoenix Wright of Fiction
YOU CUCK! How dare you tease me with the idea of Primo vs The Students then rip it away from me!
9/11/2020 c6 AmrutaV
Ooh I bet Semi-Slambulance
9/5/2020 c5 AmrutaV
Woohoo! Update!
9/5/2020 c5 10Queenbookerly
Fabulous as usual! Poco was really cute! Gotta love the love triangles, amirite? Ey! Yo! Bibi plays the same instrument as me!
9/4/2020 c2 AmrutaV
Oh wow I was gone for so long! I can't believe I missed three updates! Beautiful as always, Sammy.
8/29/2020 c4 Queenbookerly
YOU BRING MY BABY BRIT BACK RIGHT THIS INSTANT no but seriously, great conclusion to this little mini arc! The character interaction are just so great! I really like the Penny and Leon scene, that was hilarious!
8/29/2020 c3 Queenbookerly
Great! The battling is great, i love the lead up, and el primo gives off big all might vibes.
8/29/2020 c2 Queenbookerly
This is so chaotic and i love it. Carl and jacky are great!
The crew: penny's attack is genius!
Penny, when she thought of it: haha coin go boom
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