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for Harold the Magnificent and the Philosopher's Stone

10/25 c1 sniperbro1998
Severus will hate this version oh Harry given how spoiled he is.
8/23 c1 Sable Dawn
I very much appreciate you explaining the choices in wands and language.
8/14 c1 MadFrog2000
8/12 c1 Warga
Excited! A positively sensational read.
8/11 c1 10ImperialStar
Oh perfect, absolutely perfect, this is a great choice.

And a exellent chapter, the "Dark Speech" sound like the Spanish, in some ways.
8/11 c1 3This-Mickey-Seems-Iffy
Very good! More please! Also don't rehash canon, for example, Harry befriends the same friends, helps the same people etc like in canon. For Slaanesh sake please no canon saving Hermione from the troll scene. Just no rehashing of the canon, if you need summarise canon events do not rewrite them! Anyway good luck!
8/11 c1 NiroWhoCares
A very good first chapter. It will be so much fun to see Harold go around and demand anything and what will happen if that is not possible. Maybe Sigvald will march on the castle or his pet dragon will show up.

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