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10/10 c9 SilverBlizzard05
This was amazing, you don't know how long I've waited for an update.
I love how you've been portraying Klaus and Carolines relationship, she really bring out the good in him. Oooh and all the Marcel/twin moments, he treats them like his own siblings and becomes childish without realizing. Is their going to be Josh in the next chapter? Oooh and Hopes finally meets Kol and Finn, think their going to give her answers? And can we look forward to some Hope/Kol. I picture him as the type if uncle who wouldn't stop her from doing restricted thing, and would encourage it or even help her. Kinda like partners in crime. It's just a suggestion, considering the main story line hasn't even started yet. And is their going to be any JealousRebekah in future chapters?
Update soon:)
10/9 c9 Guest
Love it
10/8 c9 4Originals101
Love it!
9/22 c8 Originals101
Love it!
9/22 c8 popqxeen
I love this chapter!
I love the little conversation between Klaus and Josie.
9/17 c7 popqxeen
I love Klaroline so much!
9/17 c7 popqxeen
i love this
9/16 c7 RoyalGuess
I love Klaroline and I love Konnie, so this story seems to be ideal. I like the idea of Davina as Klaus' adopted daughter and I really like the way you are writing about the relationship between Klaus and the twins. He seems very fatherly and Caroline brings out the good in him
9/14 c7 timijaf
Great chapter
9/12 c7 CharmHex1375
I love the Kol parts. Interesting and original storyline. One question Kol died in tvd but was brought back to life along with Finn. After that he met Davina, i am guessing in your story the whole fiasco with Ester and Finn being evil never happened?
9/11 c7 SilverBlizzard05
Really can't wait to see what happens nxt :XD
9/11 c7 Originals101
Love it!
9/5 c6 Guest
9/5 c6 Originals101
9/5 c6 SilverBlizzard05
Finn, seriously. This is getting way
More thrilling and intriguing at the same time.
Cant wait for Kol to come out and all of the upcoming(please) Kol/Klaus brotherly moments.
Update soon :D
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