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2m c67 17DS2010
Glad they are warning the team about the new leader there is always someone waiting in the wings with these groups to take over and continue the mischief
22h c66 DS2010
the hunt is on, I can't wait for them to capture Rebecca and throw her in a deep dark hole with Hernandez and his crew
11/22 c65 DS2010
Damn talk about revenge that Rebecca Chase is a whole heap of trouble
11/20 c63 DS2010
Seems like the hypnosis help Jethro at least sort through his memories
11/19 c62 DS2010
thinking between Leon and Loreile there is stress overload
11/18 c61 DS2010
oh no video evidence
11/17 c60 DS2010
Looks like Gibbs has a lot of healing to do
11/16 c59 DS2010
nice that Gibbs has his human blanket.
those nightmares won't go away anytime soon.
11/15 c58 DS2010
on the move
11/14 c57 DS2010
This is not good
11/12 c56 DS2010
Damn Walker is at it again, covering his ass
11/10 c55 DS2010
Something is up at that prison
11/8 c54 DS2010
At least Gibbs is hanging on
11/5 c53 DS2010
Yes time for recovery
Oh no please let that bastard not be alive
11/5 c52 DS2010
Glad our girl is okay.
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