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for The Spy Who Loved Me

6/21 c3 504Ash Juillet
Absolutely brilliant
5/16/2021 c3 Guess
Short and sweet! I appreciate the meaningful ending. Looking forward to your other stories.
2/27/2021 c3 MotekElm
excellent ending
2/27/2021 c1 MotekElm
2/6/2021 c3 Guest
2/4/2021 c3 7BlessMyHart
This ending is cute as heck! I’m trying to convince my fiancé to cancel our dumb wedding and just elope right now. This was basically my dream scenario
2/4/2021 c1 BlessMyHart
Very fun and unique idea. Was not expecting it to be so forward
1/28/2021 c1 DracoFan1993
I love it soo much!
1/28/2021 c3 carerra.hughes
this was wonderful. happy (and sappy) Draco is always a favorite
1/28/2021 c2 carerra.hughes
yeah, that would have been cruel and unusual punishment to leave it at just 1
12/29/2020 c3 The Passionate Girl
I Love your story!
12/28/2020 c3 2dneeded
Thank you for extending this. That first chapter was such a gem it deserved more! I love the idea of Hermione wanting to tell their children about Draco whisking her away to Paris and I loved Desert explorer Draco!
12/26/2020 c3 Guest
This was a fun read!
12/18/2020 c3 1Taylor9901
Great ending. I loved it.
12/17/2020 c3 pgoodrichboggs
Fantastic ending! I adored every single chapter!
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