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for Chester's Dream

8/15 c1 4FQS15
I loved this!
8/13 c1 52shari
Chester is alway entertaining. Really like you portrayal of chester
8/13 c1 Dino girl 16
On my, on my, on my!:D This was beutiful! When I came on Vs fan fiction today I was hoping for a story featuring Chester, and here it is, and a backstory too! AWESOME! You know,I never thought of him being a runner but it fits so perfectly with his nature and athletic have done something that few people are able to do,or at least attempt to do, write the Chester character and write him good! Everything about him was written perfectly,his thoughts,characteristics and features! Matt and Doc are good too! Him getting over that leg is in character for him too! He is such a positive,caring and deep-feeling character, loyal and never gives up! Thanks for writing this story about an underated character,and one of Gunsmokes best!God bless you!
Your fellow smoky fan D-gal
8/13 c1 57lostcowgirl
You've really gotten into Chester's head & thus given us great insight into his character while finding a very plausible reason for his stiff right leg.
8/13 c1 32ladybrit
Enjoyed it - I always liked Chester.
8/12 c1 53Shellecah
Enjoyed this original interesting short, capturing the whimsical essence of Chester and the athleticism of the actor who played him; with Matt and Doc too, so true to form I saw and heard them. Fine descriptive writing, a bit sad yet resilient like Chester himself, and a perfect title.

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