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for Stormy Nights

8/31 c2 Bkworm4life4
Oh is Nate in for it! Glad it sounds like Parker is mostly intact!
8/29 c2 25cosette141
(I totally reviewed the first chapter but I see here it didn’t stick. Man!)
Awww I’m glad Parker seems to be in tact! Oof Nate’s in for it. Everyone’s gonna kill him.
8/29 c2 7ItsNotMyBirthday
My gosh, this was hard to deal with! Parker getting broken. But it's a good story, and I can't wait until they catch up with Nate and give him the what-for he deserves every so often! Chapter 3 needs to come sooner than later, please.
8/18 c1 7She-Elf23
Good start!
8/13 c1 piason714
you have to continue! can't wait to read more chapters. can totally see Eliot going after Nate for putting Parker in this dangerous situation. hopefully Parker is ok. would love to see E/P pairing.

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