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11/23 c1 1HyroTheGodOfFiction
you think there will be a sequel to Abominable?
Probably not
2. What's it like living with real physics?
It honestly sucks
3. What looks better, Live action or animation?
Animation, due to the lack of physical and biological limitations
4. What's the best movie for parents to watch with their kids (not because of the dirty adult jokes)
5. Which of our movies made the biggest impact on you growing up?
Kung fu panda
6. Which movie are you most likely to show your future children?
How to train your dragon
7. What movie were you not expecting your parents to like as much as they did?
How to train your dragon
8. Why does no one ever talk Antz and A Bug's Life unless they're comparing Antz and A Bug's Life?
A bugs life is the more well known of the two
9. What is the most underrated DreamWorks movie?
Spirit stallion of the Cimmaron
10. Why is a kids movie popular for things like alien x human smut?
The human mind can be a terrible place
11. Who has the best special-DreamWorks- logo at the beginning of their movie?
12. Which of our movies did you not realize was DreamWorks?
Spirit stallion of the Cimmaron
13. If you were going to play a character, which one would you pick?
14. Which of our movies would make the best stage musical?
Kung fu panda
11/1 c1 Guest
#1: Yes, because Dreamworks likes making money.
#3: Animation because you can do stuff that can't be done in live action
#4: Shrek
#9: Shark Tale
#11: The Penguins opening of Madagascar 2
#14: Madagascar
11/1 c1 NF315
1. Maybe?
2. Normal but annoying
3. animation
5. HTTYD, since they're my favorite movies
7 none
8. never heard of it
9. don't know
10. I have no idea I mostly read or search for Toothstrid smut.
11. HTTYD 1, since there's Toothless hidden in the background.
12. Megamind's?
13. Hiccup, since I like his gadgets
14. I haven't watched all yet.
9/21 c1 10KillgarraghForever
Hi, I'm going to answer a few questions, if that's okay.
Q. What's it like living with real physics? A. Really boring. You lot can do karate and fly dragons, or just plain fly, and you have basically limitless stamina, whilst your regular human can't go on an hour run without being totally out of breath. So, yeah. Be happy you don't have real physics.
Q. Which movie had the biggest impact on you growing up? A. How To Train Your Dragon, definitely. It basically defined my childhood. Hiccup, please tell Astrid she's my role model, and tell you that you and Toothless are the most amazing main characters ever.
Q. Which of our movies did you not realize was DreamWorks? A. Prince Of Egypt. To be completely honest, when I found it on Netflix I thought that they'd messed up on the company name. But nope, and now it's one of my favourite films. Can you tell Moses that he's amazing, and Tzipporah (I probably misspelt that) that's she's awesome?
Q. If you were going to play a character, which one would you pick? Probably Astrid or Tigress. They're both awesome. Oh, or Jack. Seeing as your powers are really cool (terrible joke, I'm sorry) and I love your character arc and your sense of humour.
Lastly, a small request. Please tell everyone that I love them and they they are all incredible? Thanks. Also, author, I don't mind if you use my name if you want to put any of these in your responses chapter.
9/18 c1 Guest
#13 Valka
8/31 c1 Guest
#4 Kung Fu Panda 2
8/18 c1 Dreamworksrocks
#9: Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit
8/18 c1 Furpower101
#9: Chicken Run
8/18 c1 Julienstinks
#9: Flushed away
8/18 c1 Julienrules
#9: Over the Hedge
8/18 c1 Penguinrules
#9: Turbo
8/18 c1 Dreamworksfan
#9: Home
8/18 c1 Julienisthebest
Which Julien is the best: TPOM/AHKJ Julien or Madagascar Movie Julien.
8/18 c1 DragonWarrior
#11: Jake frost
8/18 c1 TPOM Fan
#1: Maybe
#2: Boring
#3: Animation
#4: Monsters Vs. Aliens
#9: Spirit
11: Megamind
13: Toothless
14: Road to El Dorado
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