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5/24 c2 boogbryant98.phs2016
Malory is a hot MILF/GILF
5/5 c10 Guest
1/14 c10 Guest
Are you going to continue?
11/25/2023 c10 187Chillman22
Can't wait to see Naruto's reaction to Sterling not doing the Waterboarding training. lol
9/16/2023 c10 dinovermeulen16
please bro update
9/8/2023 c10 Otaku546733
Can’t wait for chapter 11
5/4/2023 c10 bumblebee9432
I can't wait for the next chapter
3/21/2023 c4 bumblebee9432
could you have Naruto impregnate Keiko and Meiko?
3/10/2023 c10 Nathox
Suite pls
1/13/2023 c10 angels sabbath
love the story so far can't wait to see what you come up with in the next chapters
12/7/2022 c10 Guest
Hope you add ladies from the most recent seasons to like a certain flight assistant for a very fancy airline
12/6/2022 c10 Kid-Kyubbi
haha im loving this so are you gonna include the coma seasons willis be interesting to see naruto in the coma
10/9/2022 c10 MawOfTheVoid
10/4/2022 c10 Guest
love it
10/3/2022 c10 Jaks
In Archer Season 6 Episode 9 the gang supposed to get fingerprints or information from the royal family, one supposed seduce the prince, how about Naruto somehow arouse the Queen by getting angry with each other and they have angry sex and she eventually end up in his harem, the last part can be optional
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