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for An Abridged History of the Great Galactic War

9/21 c1 wearedeadpool
yeah, Disney has kept Star Wars mostly within the same timespan (between The Phantom Menace and The Rise Of Skywalker, basically the Skywalker Saga).

which while I do love the Skywalker Saga, I think at this point, we need to move forwards or backwards now, like thousands and thousands of years forward into the future or far back in the past.

this is just my opinion though.
1/20 c11 Nerd the ultimate
Altough the author hasn't updated in over a year this fanfic is by far one of the best I have read
11/25/2021 c11 Vandal55
This is the greatest old republic fic i have read really hope you will continue it.
3/27/2021 c11 11Ahsokafanboy1138
Great final chapter for Canderous. When will we get the next update?
3/25/2021 c10 Ahsokafanboy1138
You said the Dread Masters destroyed IMPERIAL, not Republic, ships. But otherwise great chapter. When is Bothawui? Also, when will we see more of Malgus?
3/20/2021 c6 Ahsokafanboy1138
The Delaz of Stardust also sent junk falling onto the planet below.
3/20/2021 c4 Ahsokafanboy1138
Great opening to the war!
3/20/2021 c3 Ahsokafanboy1138
I do like this overview of a nuanced Sith Empire. But is it the Second or Third Sith Empire since you use both terms?
3/19/2021 c2 Ahsokafanboy1138
Great overview of the Republic!
3/18/2021 c1 Ahsokafanboy1138
A fellow owner of the Essential Guide To Warfare, then? Kinda wondering if you will do a story where Darth Vader has to deal with the descendants of the Pius Dea's lost fleet, who managed to crash on a habitable planet after the Caamasi disabled their hyperspace navigation systems with a computer virus. Also, could you explain when this was written BBY?
11/23/2020 c11 Truth's Hierarch
The biographies of the Three Mandalores truly sets a good standard for the origin story of the Mandalorian Union State and its eventual rise to becoming a galactic power on par with the likes of the Sith Empire and Galactic Republic.

For Mandalore the Preserver's part, his efforts to restore the glory and prestige of the Mandalorians after their defeat at Malachor V cannot be understated, especially with his crusade to reclaim and reunify the proverbial cradle of the Mandalorian people and their history. What I also respect about his efforts was his expansion of the Mandalorians' roles and professions beyond that of a purely warrior lifestyle, since I am sure that the future Mandalorian Union State would have had a harder time forming without such diversity in a Mandalorian's occupation in the "work force". I will confess that there were moments in his life that he could have done better, like his depictions of past Mandalores and his blunt views about Revan, but no man is ever perfect, and the Preserver always struck me as one who is honest to a fault no matter who is listening.

Speaking of mistakes, the Exodus of Defiance seemed like an inevitable event in my eyes when it comes to the subject of Revan and the Preserver's positive views of the man who shattered the Mandalorians during the Mandalorian Wars. Regardless, being Mandalore was never supposed to be simple, and a quote by Winston Churchill fits perfectly in this scenario: "You have enemies? Good. That means you've stood up for something, sometime in your life." In a sort of roundabout way, these Mandalorian "separatists" DID lay the groundwork for the coming Mandalore the Orthodox after Mandalore the Disciple's reign, and the "separatists" would probably have never come to being if it wasn't for the Preserver alienating them in the first place. Granted, it was definitely not what the Preserver wanted, but the Mandalorians were set on the path to greater power thanks to his actions, for good or ill.

On a final note, while I do understand the Preserver's frustration from the lack of a grand war with the Resurgent Sith Empire during his lifetime, I'm of the opinion that he has to understand that the preservation and continued development of Mandalorian culture takes precedence over charging into a war that the Mandalorians are not fully prepared for. Reason I say that the Mandalorians aren't fully ready is because of the setbacks during the whole life story of the Preserver in his quest to reunify and rebuild the Mandalorians up to and beyond their former glory, with major examples being the aforementioned lack of complete unity among the Mandalorians after the Exodus of Defiance, the constant battles with the Hutts during the Mercenary Crusades, and even the struggle to obtain basic necessities, such as funds and resources, that are fundamental in building and sustaining a galactic power that suffers varying degrees of distrust and even hatred over past transgressions from the Mandalorian Wars.

Anyways, the bottom line is, the Preserver fought and overall succeeded in preserving the culture and power of the Mandalorian people, and even though the end result of his efforts is far from what he intended, he died a hero to the Mandalorians regardless of what his opposition says. On a side note, Revan's desire for the Republic and Mandalorians fighting side-by-side against the Sith Empire REALLY hit a black hole with the Sith and Mandalorians becoming allies as you pointed out. I have never played SWTOR nor remember much of Revan's cutscenes from gameplay videos, so I can only imagine what Revan's thoughts must have been when the Mandalorians chose to side with the Sith Empire during the Great Galactic War.

And with that, this review is finished. See you next update, and Happy Early Thanksgiving as of this review!
11/10/2020 c10 Truth's Hierarch
I have always wondered how the Mid to Outer Rim worlds can stand being in the Republic during these ages of galactic war with the constant prioritization of the Galactic Core. Before the thousand years of peace after the end of the New Sith Wars, the Rim has always been the major battlefront of every war the Republic has fought against the Sith and the various Sith Empires that appeared throughout the Old Republic's history, with the Jedi Civil War, Great Galactic War, and the aforementioned New Sith Wars being the prominent examples. Even in Star Wars canon, the Clone Wars and Galactic Civil War have been fighting mostly in the Rim, as far as I know anyway. And it's not just Sith, but any militarily strong nation such as the Mandalorians that nearly defeated the Republic during the Mandalorian Wars. I get that the Galactic Rim is exponentially larger than the Core Territories, but you would think that the Republic would give some consideration to the Rim that has constantly served as a buffer to keep war out of the Core. Then again, corruption in politics is practically a given so that is just wishful thinking.

Speaking of conflict in the Rim, specifically Delaz's case in the Southern Outer Rim, it's important to not get drunk on a string of victories, lest you risk taking two steps back for every step forward. Regardless of Admiral Delaz's shortcomings, his original objective of drawing considerable Republic forces to the Southern Outer Rim is on track if the Minos Campaign being the longest campaign of the war is an indication. Although, he should be considered very fortunate not to have been made an example of failing, since we all know how the average Sith view and punish failure. At least at this point, the Dark Council recognizes Delaz's skills and merit and is willing to give second chances, if with grim conditions.

On the subject of the Dread Masters, all I can really say amounts to two things and one question. Firstly, if even the majority of the Sith Empire barely know the existence of the Dread Masters, then that can actually lead to a sense of fear of the unknown on the part of the Republic and Jedi, and it is rather fitting for the likes of the Dread Masters. Secondly, I have to agree that the Dread Masters' overall role in the Great Galactic Wars is severely underwhelming considering their position with Emperor Vitiate, especially when compared to Darth Nihilus and his deeds. Where the Dread Masters struck at isolated, yet somewhat strategic, targets and merely led the Jedi on a bloody galactic goose chase, Nihilus managed to contribute in nearly wiping out the entire Jedi Order in the First Jedi Purge. No contest as far as I am concerned. As for my question, while I do understand why any sane and informed Imperial would want to stay as far away from the Dread Masters, why did the Dread Masters destroy 714 IMPERIAL ships during the second year of the Great Galactic War? I'm thinking that is a mistake and should say REPUBLIC ships, but if I'm wrong, then why did Imperial ships get destroyed if the Dromund Terror operates alone?

Well, that's all I have, so I will be taking a look at the "Tale of Three Mandalores" chapter next.
10/27/2020 c9 Truth's Hierarch
Darth Marr has always been one of the wisest Sith Lords of the Dark Council in my eyes. If I recall correctly, Marr was the one who held onto his Dark Council seat the longest and practically led the whole Sith Empire whenever Vitiate decides to not bother to attend to the administrative needs of the Empire, which was almost always. Just from his work alone in this chapter, you can tell that Marr's vision of a permanent bastion of the Sith, in the form of the Imperial Throne, is a testament to Marr's ingenuity and dedication to the Empire and its people, especially since the Imperial Throne is being comparable to the Core of all galactic regions.

If I were to look at the Great Scouring pragmatically, then I do understand why the Sith Empire went to such extremes. If the alternative is believed to be the risk of a Second Sith Holocaust, then anything is deemed acceptable for the safety and security of the Imperial Core territories. I suppose, in a sense, that the Republic and Jedi themselves are to blame for sowing the seeds of the Great Galactic War in the first place. The Jedi and Republic could have taken steps to NOT commit genocide on the Sith, but they did, and now the Sith want revenge by any means necessary.

I can't really blame the Republic for bring overly dramatic about the minor victories against the Sith Empire. When your forces are constantly getting decimated while entire star systems are massacred in the Great Scouring, anyone would be desperate for any kind of favorable progress. Regardless, the Sith still hold a greater advantage overall at this point in the war, and the Republic will still bleed heavily for any advantage they hope to gain.

P.S.: Again, the Dramatis Personae chapter has that one sentence that is bothering me. Under the Jedi High Council section for Sark Dukas, it's the second-to-last sentence of the last paragraph: "When word was reached about how the defenders of Korriban were slaughtered, the Order called Sark to KORRIBAN(?) to take up Shinn's seat on the Jedi High Council...". I'm sure you can tell what the problem is here. I don't want to be seen as nagging you about this, so if you wish for me to stop, then I will respect your wishes.
9/12/2020 c8 Truth's Hierarch
It may not be a story chapter, but I won't deny the importance of the list of major characters when the action gets underway. After all, it would be too wordy, in my opinion, to give detailed descriptions of major figures among the actual story content when there is a scene going on which can potentially ruin the flow of a certain section.

With that being said, I look forward to the actual war on the Northern Rim, as well as all the original material that you will inject here and there as the war progresses. Sure, it may take some time since the Great Galactic War will take quite a while to truly flesh out beyond the sparse information provided on Wookiepedia, but that just gives this story more opportunities to truly expand upon it. That's about all I have to say on this Dramatis Personae. See you next time as we watch the Republic burn in the fires of war!

P.S.: You might want to fix a little mistake that I found for the information on Sark Dukas for the Jedi Order characters. It's in the part here: "When word was reached about how the defenders of Korriban were slaughtered, the Order called Sark to KORRIBAN(?) to take up Shinn's seat on the Jedi High Council...". You would think that he would be called back to Republic Space instead of the heart of Sith Space, especially after you just mentioned that all Republic and Jedi forces in Sith Space were slaughtered, right?
8/29/2020 c7 Truth's Hierarch
That usually tends to be a common theme for the average citizen that don't bother delving deeper into the details surrounding historical events: always paying more attention to the destination rather than the journey towards said destination. You were rather clear in that many people, in later years after the war, criticized the Republic as incompetent because they ultimately lost the First Great Galactic War while ignoring the struggles the Republic had to go through during the years of the war, especially since they never had to go personally experience the horrors of the front lines or the chaos of politics during wartime. Even Satele Shan suffers from the same ignorance of the common masses (and Jedi), though with the completely opposite opinion, by being seen as a hero and the second coming of Bastila Shan despite the fact that she fled Sith Space in defeat with her master dead.

On the Sith Empire's side, you have to admit that the Third Sith Empire under Vitiate's Sith Order sounds incredibly similar, too similar in fact, to the Imperium of Man from Warhammer 40k. Seriously, every citizen of the Empire is required to supply everything and everyone available for the war effort with no "wasteful" pastimes or businesses. The Sith Emperor is even regarded as practically a god with his own Imperial Cult while very rarely, if ever, doing anything involving direct administration of the Empire, and that sounds a lot like a certain skeletal Emperor stuck on his giant, shiny chair. All we need are cities built as man-made mountains, total disregard for the environment for the sake of war industry, and transhuman super-soldiers (maybe the Sith can fill that role) and we have ourselves a grimdark Imperium in the Star Wars Universe. I'm all for a Sith victory, personally speaking, but I already prefer the New Imperial Order of the Fourth Empire over the Total War Society of the Third Empire, and that's before I even learn about the Fourth Empire in detail. The Total War Society may win the first war, but even the greatest warriors need their rest.

To end this review off, let me make some brief comments. Supreme Chancellor Taf Munli will have to learn the hard way that making grand promises one can't keep will reflect very badly on them and their legacy for generations to come, especially when it comes to the Sith Empire's continued existence. At least Supreme Chancellor Brea Organa was more open-minded and recognized that war will never be truly gone, even if Organa was referring to minor wars instead of a galactic war. On the subject of Mandalorians, this mention of a Mandalorian Union has me interested as another possible divergence from the established lore, but just like with the Fourth Empire and the Rechtite Sith Order, I will be patient as you requested. After all, as Darth Sera said, the Sith waited for 1300 years for vengeance, so I'm sure I can wait for the next update at the very least.

That's all I have, so I shall await the next entry. Fear the Revenge of the Sith!
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