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for An Abridged History of the Great Galactic War

8/25/2020 c6 Guest
This is amazing keep up the good work.
8/25/2020 c6 Truth's Hierarch
Now that is what I am talking about. The Battle of Sluis Van is definitely much more damaging and total than an implied Doolittle Raid. Nice touch with the Pearl Harbor reference too, and you have to admit that the similarities between this battle and the Pearl Harbor battle are similar in terms of circumstances. A republic democracy suffers a major surprise attack on a major fleet shipyard by zealous imperial forces, and now the democracy is scrambling to deploy to proper wartime footing instead of half-hearted measures.

Major differences here being that the Sith Empire is far from as blinded or as presumptuous as the old Japanese Empire and the overall result of the Great Galactic War before the first peace treaty, the Treaty of Coruscant, is the Sith Empire's victory instead of the Republic's, incomplete but undoubtedly decisive. As a side note, I really approve of the attention to detail that you provided on the effects that the battle would cause to the Sluis Van natives and the Galactic Republic. Most lore sources tend to skip over the "gory details" when explaining events that shape galactic history. I shall wait for the next entry in this abridged history and see how the war will progress now that the opening salvos have passed.

For the glory of the Empire!
8/23/2020 c5 Truth's Hierarch
A major victory for the Sith Empire with the reclamation of their Holy World and near-total destruction of Republic and Jedi forces in Sith Space. The casualties do appear against the Sith in this case, but reclaiming and fortifying Sith Space is considered well worth the price in the eyes of many in the Sith Order. And as you said, the proportion of damage to the Sith forces after Korriban were lesser than Korriban itself so certain mistakes were not repeated, especially since there were less restrictions for worlds that aren't the Sith homeworld.

I am excited for when you get into "original territory" as you put it, as I am curious about what the Treaty of Mandalore entails in addition to the Rechtite Sith Order that I mentioned in my previous review. Going to have to get past the Battle of Sluis Van first, though I would like to personally state that the battle of Sluis Van was a lot more effective and more genocidal than a mere Doolittle Raid. Yes, the Republic still has other planetary shipyards like Kuat and Fondor, but building fleets obviously takes time which the Republic doesn't have when the Empire is busy wrecking any Republic forces they catch in the Outer Rim. I'll be back for the next update. Hail the Return of the Sith! (In case you didn't know yet, I am more of a fan of the Sith Empire than the Republic and Jedi, even if the Sith have their failings throughout their history.)
8/22/2020 c4 Truth's Hierarch
Well, I found this story recently as I am a great enthusiast of Star Wars, and I can say that though this story is merely an abridged documentary of sorts as the title suggests, I find it truly interesting and worthy of my time. Your descriptions of the Galactic Republic and Sith Empire were presented in excruciating detail and really gives an accurate depiction of the major players of the Great Galactic War; however, what really drew my attention was the shift away from the canon timeline, which included the Sith Empire existing longer into the setting's present day as this "Fourth Empire" as well as the brief mentions of this Rechtite Sith Order with radically new values and doctrines compared to the Vitiate Sith Order.

As for this chapter in particular, I am astounded by the level of detail you put into the opening salvos of the Great Galactic War. I mean, can you just imagine the amount of detail and preparation necessary to keep the entire Sith Empire hidden from the Galactic Republic while still being able to fight and destroy significant amounts of the Republic military? Such a successful first blow. I'm excited for the details of the next phase of the campaign and possibly the full reveal of the return of the Sith. I can only surmise that Vaner Shan and Chancellor Organa would be eating their words if they were still alive, or perhaps they already are, somewhere in the Force. I'll be back in the next update. Glory to the Empire!
8/13/2020 c1 Imperial warlord
Interesting story.
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