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for The Adventures of Captain Kitty Hawk - A Walter Series Side Story

9/24/2020 c16 26MissEmmaTorchwood
CKH... reached out to pat Ianto's belly affectionately. "That's okay, old man. Letting it all hang out is working for you."

Hooting with laughter here! I am so loving this!
9/24/2020 c15 MissEmmaTorchwood
Now the Captain can add Superior Goat Wrangler to his resume of extraordinary talents!
9/22/2020 c16 SuziH-J
‘Paw print of approval’ - I laughed so much at that. Also love how he calls everyone ‘citizen’.
9/22/2020 c15 SuziH-J
I’m loving this little Walter verse side story, Captain Kitty Hawk is just adorable.
9/8/2020 c14 MissEmmaTorchwood
What an absolutely BRILLIANT Kat Kave! Captain Kitty Hawk will be the envy of all the other Superheroes and the curse on all the evil doers out there!
9/3/2020 c14 2FranArian
Fang would be right...cackle...
9/3/2020 c13 26MissEmmaTorchwood
The video playing in my head of Fang and his booties had me spitting out my coffee as I laughed like a fiend! OMG! Hysterical!
8/27/2020 c12 MissEmmaTorchwood
Babs is just the best! She understands the needs of secret Superheroes... and their minions.
8/27/2020 c12 SuziH-J
Of course Babs would be the one to show him kitten clothes! And then buy them for him. Can’t wait to see Jack and Ianto’s reactions when all this stuff arrives.
8/27/2020 c11 SuziH-J
Of course you will be a good Taddy, Hawk - after all you’ve learnt from the best.
8/27/2020 c10 SuziH-J
Good grief, he’s calling a Ianto Alfred now. He is such a riot. And now he has a little minion. I’m laughing so much.
8/25/2020 c11 MissEmmaTorchwood
Hawk is such a sweet, wonderful wee man. I am absolutely loving his grand and heroic efforts!

I was thinking, if Captain Kitty Hawk is to receive a reward for great bravery, perhaps Babs could dress up in her most extravagant gown, with feather boas floating about, jewels dripping everywhere and a large sparkly crown on her head. She can knight him with a flashy magic wand... Sir Captain Kitty Hawk.

Course, Jack would look just as good in that get-up!
8/22/2020 c10 MissEmmaTorchwood
"It's… it's a minion!"

The moment I heard Captain Kitty Hawke make this announcement, my brain immediately saw the black kitten as Minion #1 and all the white kittens were his fluff army, wearing wee black masks and little black capes!

I laughed til I made myself sick! Minions! And I'm off again!
8/22/2020 c9 MissEmmaTorchwood
What a truly heroic rescue, Captain Kitty Hawk! You are indeed the bravest of them all! Your Taddy and that poor almost kidnapped moggy are so incredibly lucky that you were kitty on the spot!
8/22/2020 c8 MissEmmaTorchwood
Oh my! This trip to London may be one of Captain Kitty Hawk's greatest adventures! Tales will be told of his selfless bravery for generations to come. The Queen herself will one day want to award him with highest honours... Sir Captain Kitty Hawk!
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