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9/21 c29 1Galeiam
This...entire plot line is going to be Entirely convoluted and needlessly long winded aint it?

Soon as you said Harrison Black I just immediately lost interest in the rest of the chapter lol.
9/18 c2 Guest
You just had to give him some chunni fucking cringe ass name. Of all the weeb ass names you could have given him too you chose the most basic fucking name available.
9/19 c66 1Celexs Draconia
This was a blast to read, even knowing nothing about the one piece world it was still fun. I look forward to seeing it continued when you do so.

9/12 c4 6Starhammer
Choosing Sakuya as one of his options is a power move. Primarily because of how broken she is once you remove Spellcard Rules. I'm interested to see how it plays out.
9/11 c66 1svenijsselsteijn
love it
9/9 c1 Ryuseix
Please don't let this be discontinued
9/2 c66 Lamont
I hope you can get inspired to come back to this story
9/1 c65 ghost boy 952
bro I love the idea of ophis at whole cake island. basically nothing has changed, there is still a being of colossal power that acts like a child that lives there capable of killing everyone if they don't get the food they want. only difference is there's much less chance if a rampage, and they don't have to give up their souls to live there.
8/26 c60 badboyelsanto
Lol why do i feel like the ditto would transform to ophis and be named lilith
8/26 c59 badboyelsanto
Is the youth devil arc necessary?
8/25 c57 badboyelsanto
I think you don’t realize that you called the queen Diablo in the previous chapter, cause you still seem to think you haven’t revealed it
8/25 c56 badboyelsanto
Why is the goal removing piracy from the world? Do you realize this is one piece? That’s like removing chocolate from charlie and the chocolate factory. It’s ambiguous
8/25 c55 badboyelsanto
Did he just make whitebeard immortal? As in can’t die type of immortality
8/25 c54 badboyelsanto
I think it’s stupid you are hiding Diablo
8/25 c52 badboyelsanto
Peak fiction lol
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