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3h c18 Sebastiean
This whole Akeno thing is stupid you literally added this stupid plot device for no reason
5h c8 erozoth
What? I must have missed something, two years ago? I thought he woke up, went to the bank, trained and went to the underworld.
5/26 c54 Guest
After all this his bullshitting skill SHOULD be legendary to fool the world like that XD
5/27 c56 9sd74
Didn't you reveal that other world god when Ophis asked for gaming advice? At least those that saw that could unintentionally have that stray of thought.
5/27 c56 Khavros
after a reread I think I like the One Piece arc a bit more. I'd definitely like to see Harry build up his relationship more with his peerage... like Lavinia and Suzaku. Even Morgiana and Meredith could use a little bonding time with Shin. Plus Shion being all jealous is adorable, he should definitely tell his peerage that he is open to becoming lovers with them if they want.
5/26 c9 SpiraSpira
The main character plans on opening a shop/business to sell artifacts. I dearly hope this story doesn't devolve into the trope of "I couldn't sell the things I made! They're too good and people aren't worthy! Despite the fact that I want to run a shop to sell things!" that I see in fictions all the time.
5/24 c33 Guest
I really hopped he uses the fire god slaying magic more

Cuz the dragon slayers got dragon scales

What the fuck did the god slayers get to augment their bodies for their power to flow easier?

Would they get God force like dragon force?

Cuz that sounds fuckin badass

Would they get more divinity the deeper they go in power?

would he be like a super logia?
5/25 c56 vilgax
Nice chapter
5/23 c27 What if
Would happen if the bird told her than Shin could revive whoever as well any amount of beings at any time?
5/22 c24 Seriously
Not one us affected my hearing "his" name in Shin's vicinity?
5/22 c20 To hades
It was at this moment...

*Jibril rapidly appears sith her pupils shining red*
5/22 c19 Question
What would happen if Naruto was similar to Lunar or the quiet kid of the school?
5/22 c18 Set it Straight
Either you can resurrect devils soul or not? You blatantly said you haven't and in interlude says you did.
5/22 c7 Guest
Re reading the parts with ophis our infinite loli dragon

It always cracks me up how she takes everything at Face value

The gap really fucked her wisdom stat
5/22 c56 NaturalLife777
waiting for chapter 57
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