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2h c33 PasiveNox
Nice chapter great
18h c33 Mordred247
More please.
7/27 c11 Prometheus-777
Hehehe~! Now this is interesting. I love having Luna Lovegood too. She's amazingly unique too.

And yeah, Merlin from Nanatsu no Tanzai is awesome too and full of maximum badassitude~!

But Luna Lovegood is like a low-key second Gamer with Observe what with her ability to see the unseen. And dare I say, it makes her very useful to any Peerage she ends up joining as she CONSTANTLY PASSIVELY sees ALL the UNSEEN. Better that Observe, circumstancialy, as it is an ACTIVE skill.

It's like Mystic Eyes from the Nasuverse too.

Hehehe... Sowaka, sowaka~!
7/26 c33 Sun drake
what one piece arc will shin start in?
7/26 c23 5blackcharizard762
Forgot to say this earlier but it sounds like Diablo is the queen
7/26 c10 Prometheus-777
YAAAAY~! Shin summoned RIMURU as his familiar LOL~!

But interesting to finally see the Wizarding World again after so long.

Can wait to see all these plots unfold more.
7/26 c8 Prometheus-777

Hehe, I loved how dark Shin can get. Woulda loved to see him get darker too heheheh~!

I like how powerful he's becoming too

And nice harem this far.

More cockroach bashing please~!

Hehehe... Sowaka, sowaka~!
7/26 c7 Prometheus-777
Heh, your AN rants are almost as funny to read as your canon-divergent story. ALMOST lol But I understand your pain. Fanfictions are meant to to NEVER follow canon anyways.

Hehehe... Sowaka, sowaka~!
7/26 c7 Prometheus-777
Lol what?! The mysterious being wants to find out where Saitama is lol? Well, maybe Shin will summon him as a Servant lol!

Nice curb stomping tho~!
7/26 c33 Spartan3909
Thanks for the chapter _.
7/26 c3 Prometheus-777
Damn... I feel bad for Harry, now Shin's mother... Feel bad man...

And Shin believes she's betrayed him too...

I can't wait for the revelations~!

But I would be remiss not to say how much I am loving this fic the far! Excellent World building. Awesome backstories and excellent plots and schemes full badassitude.

Hehehe... Sowaka, sowaka~!
7/25 c33 2dingo-822
Yeah, have the MIIF perk unlocked and used on Lily.
7/25 c1 Prometheus-777
Heh, glad I found this. It's flipping awesome how fuckin' dark pretty much 99% of the characters are. Pure awesomeness and full of maximum badassitude~!
7/23 c33 Guest
Luna can be scary when she wants to
7/23 c33 Daisy
I really do hope he can successfully discard the whole Harry Potter persona.
I swear if Lily somehow becomes his mom I'll be tilty.
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