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7/10 c32 40deathgeonous
Ok, so I see this, I decide to give this a chance and read this, and then I CAN NOT STOP READING IT! I read this fic in one setting. The only breaks were for food and the potty, and food was consumed while reading this. THIS WAS AWESOME! So, thank you ever so much for writing this, and goodbye for now.
7/10 c32 adam110902
great chapter
7/10 c32 Anikong
Another great chapter. I found Shin's confrontation with Voldemort really cool. Can't wait for the peace conference next.

Also i realised you never actually showed Shin seeing Ajuka or Sirzech's stats/level. So how strong are they really in this story?
7/10 c32 Victor Ebone
7/10 c32 Exius
Thanks for the chapter author-san, however a question, is there is a way for Shin to augment His Mortal rank to Veteran or higher ? for the bonus with stat or he doesn't want or cant?
7/10 c32 haseosamaa
cmon its beeen weeek i want to read this conference of press for hte quiber
7/10 c32 Dracaris5470
nice chapter
really wanna Met gabriel again at the conference
7/8 c1 Guest
This is one of my favorite fanfics hands down top 3 I’ve reread this like 8 times already because I try other things and it’s like welp this isnt as good as or close to “The Game Must Go On” everyone else seems rushed and this isn’t rushed i like that
7/10 c32 Krystian Garlicki
Lily x Shin!
7/10 c32 Inritus
More torture is always good so please include more torture!
I'm a sadistic basterd so ya... more torture please lol. Thanks for the chapter it's really a fun read.
7/10 c32 15NinjaFang1331
Excellent update
7/10 c32 kakashi890
This omake looks familiar to me
7/10 c32 13fg7dragon
Great chapter. You could have made the omake cannon though, the reaction of the wizarding sheep to the crater would have been noce.
7/10 c32 2FinalKingdomHearts
I look forward to the next chapter.
7/10 c32 5plums
Yeah, I always thought Shin focused on Lily’s “potions” and the three year gap before they started to the detriment of ignoring what. James used prior to the potions being necessary

IE: Lovely lovely compulsion charms.
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