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7/9 c32 imran.aryan619
I don't understand for some odd reason he wants to maintain distance from Lily because she let 'Harry' go to her sister's house but he is not angry or anything at anyone else who has done far than her to 'Harry' since he keeps saying that he is not 'Harry' .
7/9 c32 stylo1
your view on the neutrals is nice, if this was a buiness and not a country. 'the least amount of casualties' yes except for the muggleborn and muggles who were killed en mass.
if anything the neutrals are the whole fucking problem with that world. selling themself to the highest bidder. fudge did the same.
besides war is bad for buisness, taking the short term profit instead of working against voldemort and try to integrate muggleborn to make money off of them is just plain stupid. it also shows that really they are lazy cowards who seek the best money effort ratio.

the only redeeming thing i can think of is that they have a choice between dumbledore, voldemort or watching from the side because taking them both on is indeed rather gryffindorish.

say what you want about the dark faction but at least they are willing to fight what they stand for unlike the neutrals or the token effort from the light.
7/9 c32 LouisZPRX
thanks for the update been waiting for this so long
7/9 c32 Krowe Carter
Legen- wait for it... -dary!
7/9 c32 11Sultan Asil Arslan
So he’ll go to One Piece. Hope he gets Robin and Hancock at least. And wonder exactly when he’ll be there. At what point of the timeline.
7/9 c32 Crimson green flame
I hope he forgives lily also come on rosswessis shin paring
7/9 c32 PasiveNox
Wonderful wonderful
7/9 c32 Lechuzape
Take care man! I need more!
7/9 c32 shinigami00000
spelling error- Akihiko kayaba* if you actually are talking about the antagonist of sao
7/9 c32 RotcehM
Good work brother
7/9 c32 Primarx
previous omake was better and more amusing imo. didn't expect for lily to kill him. thanks for the chapter
7/9 c32 Re Lovely Lover
I find it strange Riddle never notices his soul fragments being destroyed. I cant help think he would feel such a thing since he is still attached to them.

I honestly thought that he would actually being Riddle before everyone and announce he destroyed his means of revival and off him in front of everyone. Easier to believe it if many see it happen in front of them.

Still hoping Lily actually ends up pulled into the group and joins his family rather than kept at bay. Whether it's as family or eventually something more due to being raised separate memories wise for both or that hes not Harry. Hes still angry due to being given away but apparently it was due to magic mixed with lies. Then the potions when that stopped working.

So neither really had a chance to be family.

Another great chapter. I'm getting the feeling that the shadows are possibly going to be used as Riddle and the death eaters themselves. Brought out before the people and dealt with. Playing the shadows as the persons themselves. Though from the talk of strengthening them, perhaps not.

Looking forward to what happens next.
7/9 c32 Alexander Vhler
El desarrollo de Lily fue corto pero genial incluso estaba un poco mal de la cabeza
7/9 c32 sandmanwake
Lily redeemed herself entirely in this chapter. It's a shame Rias's manipulations caused House Potter's fortunes to take a massive hit since Lily arranged for him to get the loot after James died.

Harry should hire Rossweisse as his assistant. She apparently is competent, is being paid peanuts currently, and is hot.
7/9 c32 Alostdonkey
The Escanor omake killed me
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