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7/9 c32 Shadefyre
Lol dumbles gonna flip out when he wakes! voldy dead and most of his plans in ruin can't wait!
7/9 c32 AshBladeHentai
Great Chap, keep up the awesome work
7/9 c32 Osiris Sundavr
Aincrad ... that is actually a great idea for mental defenses. I didn’t see that coming as I was imagining something along the lines of the millennium puzzle as defenses. Wish I had thought of him using the floating castle itself.
7/9 c32 1bigbrownpanda
sigh I can't wait for this arc to end also personally I think you can skip the torture scene it would just be a waste of words
7/8 c27 Anonymous574388
he's acting like an ultimate simp for Luna...
7/8 c24 Anonymous574388
there is too much uninteresting fillers, I've skipped through what feels like half a chapter worth of text.
7/8 c31 CandyMaster
good chapter
7/8 c30 CandyMaster
good chap hope to see you uploading again
7/8 c21 Anonymous574388
Akeno was really horrible towards Shin yet he ups and forgives her? How spineless.
7/8 c28 CandyMaster
good chap mate, plz continue
7/8 c18 Anonymous574388
I really like how Shin is going through so much trouble just to be able to bang Kuroka and Shirone together, and he’s really putting his Remorseless trait to good use here
7/7 c31 twilight wolf555
I think I Know who is the queen piece is diablo of the same world than Shion.
7/4 c31 Guestinator
Even with the decades old cliches this still isn't a bad story, just mildly annoying which can cause skimming to get out of the cliches.
7/5 c31 Aetherium21
Awesome story! You’ve been doing a great job at managing an actual plot within a gamer story and making it a blast to read overall
7/5 c31 DiveLord
Who the hell is his hidden Queen!? We still haven’t been formally introduced. I think it’s someone from Shion’s world due to how they addressed Shin, but seriously, do the rest of the peerage even know the Queen piece has been used?
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