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9/9 c38 Jacques Bernier
The nerf without warning could have been included as a continuation of entertaining the older gamer without having him blast his way throught thing.
To get 10 devil fruit is not that hard just need to get one of the book on all the recorded devil fruit, so you would know the prefered fruit to transform when the past user die, hunt down any bounty of people using recorded DF.
There is also a precise moment to get good chance of many DF at the end of enies lobby, you have load of marine with DF coming down the buster call boat and fighting the strawhat.
9/9 c38 SkyLime2212
hmmm.. easy enough.. ahahaha.. you need to do it in reverse to make it easier.. first flirt with shirahoshi.. then go to joker.. to "borrow" some devil fruit.. then go to some random noble.. kill them.. if it not enough.. then kill more.. easy.. ahahahha..
9/9 c38 1AleexFT
Great chapter
9/9 c38 Dayside
I gotta say, I dislike him telling so many people about his powers, especially considering how easy mind raping someone like Lily would be. Most of them would break under torture too.
Ufgh, OPC tho too bad I have absolutely no knowledge of it so this is gonna be a hard read for a while.
9/9 c38 RotcehM
Good work brother
9/9 c38 4The Lion of York
I can't wait to see what Shin will do in this arc. He would have to change tactics for the One Piece World. Will he make contact with the revolutionaries?
9/9 c38 DareusX
Let's see where this goes
9/9 c38 5plums
Kinda would be cool to see him use a Final Fantasy style Airship in this world to get around instead of a plain ole pirate ship. Heck, even the Gundam would likely speed things up a bit?

Does his "Game" include a world map? Will anyone from the "summons" recognize the world as One Piece? When is he going to start busting out Gacha's?

How much of his wizarding magic is available to him? (ACIO DEVIL FRUIT!" / "POINT ME PONEGLYPHS!") Can he sneak aboard ships (Invisibly) while in a port to copy all of their maps/charts? Could he Imperio an Admiral into giving him a Bounty?
9/9 c38 12Sultan Asil Arslan
Pretty sure the weapon he’ll acquire will be Poseidon. And to deal with One Piece, you got guts man. Hope you can help Whitebeard and Ace. The old man deserved a far better ending. No matter how epic it was. And fuck Big Mom and her cannibalistic stomach. Destroy her and get her stronger children as subordinates! If that isn’t much to ask.
9/9 c38 chungorion15
Make sure MC gets Rumble-Rumble Fruit from Eneru that will definitely be perfect fruit for MC and of course he needs to learn Haki
9/9 c38 Dracaris5470
meh interesting lets see where this is going , I just hope you don't end up Like Shiro with his storys that get fucked because of world jumps

but Till now you did good so dont let the possible flames get to you mate
9/9 c38 gforgacob
I never liked nurf so yeah I'am dropping this,it was mildly entertaining but now it just tapered off.
9/9 c38 Wolfeborn
Oh heck yeah, I can’t wait to see where you take us I already love this first chapter in one piece and can’t wait for more
9/9 c38 TehStorm
Hum. So Shin will use the one piece world to improve his body as it's not as developed as his magical powers...That would be a nice idea, i hope he will learn haki and it's advanced forms.

Wonder if he will eat a devil fruit though. But considering his powers, it's probably not a necessity unless it's a mythical zoan or a powerful logia...
9/9 c38 ankitarya2301
make it nice and explain the things about one piece. I haven't watched it yet
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