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9/10 c38 Spartan3909
Thanks for the chapter _.
9/10 c38 adam110902
9/10 c38 AshBladeHentai
Great Chap, keep up the awesome work
9/10 c38 Denzel Ramos
I suggest that his next world jump should be a Overlord (game) world, after all it's the best place to use, explan, and activate the build (part of the) system (unless it's introduced while he's building his empire). Plus best place to keep your stuff (after you conquer the world), also he could buy the option to make it so that Overlord 1 and Overlord 2 (plus maybe the characters from Overlord 3 (more specifically the Overlord candidates)) so that there in one world (stuff from Overlord 2 on the other side of a mountain range, but the second tower (Overlord 2) is connected to the first).

I recommend [The Dark Wolf Shiro] as a reference. Also great story so far, hope it goes on for a while.
9/10 c38 RedDemonEye
Damm this chapter was awesome personally I can understand why you gave shin nerf for the time being this will help him strategies more and its not like he can't grind levels that will hopefully be added when he unlockes his full power again also giving luffy more information about the would is going to change things that's for sure. I'm looking forward to shin and rias being together again you made them such a good couple and I can totally see rias wearing a bikini for shin along with a couple of the other girls also please be careful on adding anymore women to the harem to many will just make a mess of everything. Anyway keep up the good work and like always have a nice day.
9/10 c38 MarkuzBlack
Thanks for the chapter
9/10 c38 Uday Sra
Awesome. Please update soon
9/10 c38 Temsen
What does "Companion Race Customization" actually do? Doesn't sound like it's worth a drawback.
Or would Rias&Co simply be summoned as humans without it?
9/10 c38 1Bless Your Soul
Loved everything so far, man. Surely one of the best works I have read. Loved DxD, and also One Piece. The part where Shin said he woud defeat Arlong in front of Nami, was very cool. Now I'm dying to see more.

Don't mind haters man. They will always find something to nitpick.
9/10 c38 Anikong
Awesome chapter. It was really interesting. I think you picked the perfect time for the world jump and despite the nerf's (which I agree are probably necessary at this stage) I am already looking forward to how much Shin's presence/actions in the One Piece world changes things, especially once he starts completing his quests. Hopefully we get to see him either use a companion gem or summon someone from the DxD world soon though.
9/10 c38 solitare
I hate One Piece and I really hate nerfs. I'll probably continue reading due to the lack of active decent gamer fics. But please don't let this garbage arc take too long because I'm already losing interest.
9/10 c38 Dbot15112002
Reading Queen being referred to as he/him/his feels very awkward.
His affection/obedience with some of his peerage members haven't improved in a long time.
9/10 c38 XavierChaos
Kinda wondering which Devil Fruits he will manage to acquire for his 10 fruit quest. While are many named fruits, there is a lot left open for interpretation. Or willy you use some made up ones? I know of a document that has a shitload of interesting fruits.(Used it for a Jumpchain story myself.)
9/10 c38 MrKristoffer1994
I’m so lucky I already know everything about One Piece since I’m a huge OP fan and have been following the story for over 15 years now :3
9/9 c38 Tiwa Vol
Point me Devil fruit.
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