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9/8/2020 c7 Smoked Bacon
Damn this chapter was sick
Grammar is a bit off though
Kinda bothers me
But I can still understand you
Keep up the good work
9/8/2020 c7 smatt9411
Fantastic job
9/8/2020 c7 JustAnotherBryan
Also please do deviate from canon, I want to see where you are taking this.
9/8/2020 c7 JustAnotherBryan
This series is literally about becoming bullshit op without any reason. Issei literally gets a power body from TOUCHING TITS.
9/8/2020 c7 Xenozip
It's the fucking Gamer, the only time a gamer is allowed to be weak is if they start in DC or Marvel and they have to face darkseid or galactus.

Even in something like Dragon Ball they can't stay weak given how quickly Goku grows in power WITHOUT the gamer.

The Gamer power is OP, that's the point, because game characters grow fast, look at borderlands series, at the start of the game the bosses are a decent challenge, eight hours later for your character and any weapon you have, including your fists can practically one shot them, and unlike an Anime which is set over weeks months and years, eight hours in a game, often means eight hours to a week at most. That's a week to become the strongest beings in those realities. Video game playable characters are thus inherently OP.
9/8/2020 c7 Koncor the great
Well that was fun.
9/8/2020 c7 vilgax
Nice chapter
Don't listen to people tell u that character being OP is bad as gamer are meant to be OP
Keep up th good work and I hope u will update soon
9/8/2020 c7 2halfmoonsilver04
Bwahahahahahahaha! ahhahahahahahaha!
Ophis's looking for Saitama!

anyway very nice chapter or art.
This Fic is also much lighter than I originally thought.
9/8/2020 c7 demzerff1
Poor ravel haha.
Honestly if he worked hard enough I don't doubt he could open a portal to saitama.
Le fay is absolutely adorable and I hope she ends up being his second bishop.

If only shin could use pactio from negima.
Imagine the shock seeing people with not quite sacred gears haha.
9/8/2020 c7 Shaedy Hoe
This new chapter legit cleared my ance, cured my depression, and paid off all my debts. It is truly a work of God.

But seriously though, this rating game had sweating like a pig at the edge of my seat. The way wrote you ever so skillfully wrote everyone's reaction? How you came up with Shin's strategy? The actual fight scenes breaf as they may have been?
The banter?

This whole chapter was FUCKING perfect!

And you been writing for how long?! lol. Motherfuckers been churning out 30, 40, 50 stories and they still can't write a proper dialogue to save their lives. Meanwhile, you out here, a newbie in these fanfic streets (this IS yo first story, right?) and you LITERALLY wrote this masterpiece on your first go like it was nothing! Honestly, If I were a long time writer on here and I saw your story, I'd just quit writing for good, cos one simply cannot compete with this.

Anyways I fucking love this story. I'm looking forward to the new updates. And I know that you're gonna ALL the followers and favourites! In JESUS NAME, AMEN! (uhm. No I'm not some Christian fanatic. I just love saying that cos I find it funny.)

Oh and I fucking appreciate you for saving the finale for next chapter. Cos I need to see That unseasoned fried chicken to get fucked both physically and psychologically so hard hard he gon start speaking in 2nd person! And that shit takes more than a few paragraphs, ya feel me? I need to see Rooster teeth suffer so much that he'll start singing negro spirituals by the end of the game. And that Zekram "I'm the Great King" headass better come thru and put that big chicken in his place for not putting respec on his name. Can't wait to see him cry some real Phoenix tears loooool.

Saitama gon end up in this won't he? I just know he would! And he gon luhhhh the fuck outta this world with all them STRONK ass motherfuckers just running around loooool. He'd legit make the ultimate pawn lol! 666 WHO?! Great WHERE?! Ophis? Never heard of her! Once My nigha Shin pull Saitama out that Gacha it's over for all them bitches!

Ugh! I just cant wait for next chapters!
9/8/2020 c7 Crimson green flame
Orphis wants to meet Satamia I love it
The rating game was really well written
9/8/2020 c7 1Ted Bear1
Wait. Can Shin summon people from Anime? If so, than do Saitama.
9/8/2020 c7 aktop
"where Saitama is..." rofl!
9/8/2020 c7 LuluViBritania
and u misspelled Sairaorg atleast once in this chapter

how did Meredith Rank up to Elite from Veteran yet Shin is still Mortal Rank?
9/8/2020 c7 Akutzu Pentaghast
that was good hahaha thank You for the chapter and can't wait to see the next one and i'd like to Say that i really like your work so good luck author
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