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10/16/2020 c10 Acir92
Please update as soon as you can because this is one of the best fanfic I've ever read even though I'm not a HP fan
10/15/2020 c10 scottdragoon
I don't know if it was on purpose but during the expo of the spear the gravity core didn't have a explanation after its use
10/12/2020 c10 Raiden
Awesome! Thanks for the chapter
Really rare to see balanced gamer fics. Hope you continue to write
Looking forward to Shin/Harry deal with the wizarding world and start his new term at Kuoh.
Also don't forget that his peerage will also be enrolled there's a date coming up (wink wink)
I'm just waiting for his primary sins effect to kick in haha.
Cheers! Stay safe and stay awesome!
10/14/2020 c10 Maksell
Just want to say few things.

1. Love the story and just want to thank you for it. Good work.
2. I wanted to post some reviews earlier buuutt...I have a little "problem with this story...usually I post my reviews when I have suggestions for something or when I want to give info about possible changes/fixes and mistakes...but with this one...I am enjoying this way to much I think. My brain at least to this moment was just stoping me from writing this cuz...I had very few things to talk about...
This stuff is just THAT good...My mind don't want to bother with writing feedback cuz little problems I have with this story...this problems are just so small and so few...that didin't wanted to bother...
3. I wanted to ask about few things but most of the stuff I want to ask about its just revieled in next chapter...
4. Wanted to know few things about harem and more..." you know" stuff. Also wanted to ask about big things that changed cuz of fusion of 2 universes. I know wizarding world is not that influential on supernatural world but still...
5. Should I PM you with questions or not? Don't want to bother a busy author like you with my..."spaming questions"...Yeah let's call it that...

And that is I think...usually my reviews are longer and stuff but as said before...this is a special case... Good for me I finally started to use acc here and not write guest ones...cuz sometimes authors just delete those almost istantly...
Well hope you keep up the good work. I'll be waiting for more. Have good day and stay safe ;)

(Sorry for bad Eng. not my main lang. ;/ )
~Maksell out.
10/13/2020 c1 1dudepotatos
The story mentions that character is an "OC" yet this "OC" happens to look exactly like Harry Potter and have the name, well, Harry. If you could give less if a fuck about writing a structured character (Even though you don't have to write a character as complex as L from Death note for them to be half-decent) then you do you I guess. but seriously, why get a random dude that doesn't act like the character that he is playing and force him in probably one of the most mundane and boring characters in mainstream history and really? Lust? The more I picture Harry being "Lustful" the more I cringe at the thought. Also, what is it with James being such an asshole? is this a neglect-fic too? no, just no.
10/12/2020 c10 Dragon0905
I have a confession to make. When I started reading this story, I very nearly never gave it a chance. I despise harry potter fanfiction. Even worse was it was attached to a gamer story. Thats like going to a fine dining establishment and being served a half eaten meal then the server standing over it pulling out his dick and pissing all over it and me while knowing I'm in no way shape or firm allowed do anything but smile, eat, and compliment how wonderful it is while paying at least 10 times the price of the meal and leaving a tip that would cover it alone.
However after looking back at the description, I decided to try.
I admit, I was actually a bit surprised by your approach. And then after you had harry leave to his new location, I was much happier with this story. Some plot holes were around but nothing that wasn't easily fixed. Some grammar issues especially in the last few chapters. But not enough to make it illegible.
And then I get to the end of this last chapter and find something abhorrent. And I have a but of an idea where its going from here. Still don't care. Not enough. Keep the milf if you must. But im praying to every diety. Good, evil, neutral, and chaotic, that you just get that part over with quickly. It's gasping for life without its heart or lungs while all it's insides is laid bare. In the words of Shang Sung. FINISH IT!
Let it be put to sleep forever more. And then get on with the real story.
10/11/2020 c4 XenoLucifer
Ah, please no... you're currently walking on thin ice, not many stories that introduce mechas of any kind or just vehicles survive. Either they do nothing with it, it's destroyed due to the author not knowing what to do with it or they make some corny fight scene using it to stroke their mecha hard on. Sorry if I sound rude, but I've read so many stories and haven't seen a good mecha scene once, and this is coming from a person that watches Gundam, Code Geass, Transformers and so on.
10/10/2020 c10 shinigamisama455
For vritras gear I would either have Harry take them or have him gain another summon I think akame from akame ga kill would work the dark cursed flames cou,d empower or if she doesn't have it when summoned replace muramasa nullification is a good defense and can neutralize her opponents defense. Shadow manipulation she is an assassin enough said and absorbtion line might be useful the wittle down her enemy's energy and will probably show its usefulness more in balance breaker
10/10/2020 c10 2FinalKingdomHearts
10/10/2020 c10 WebWeb123
Thanks for the chapter
10/10/2020 c10 2CyberDragonEX
Just found and read this. I love a good, OP gamer fic... especially when the MC is morally deficient enough that they'd actually exploit the settings, as opposed to just being a Good Guy.

Do you take suggestions for things to use?
10/10/2020 c7 xavier0jim
Lol ophis wants to find one punch man, thats adorable
10/8/2020 c10 Ether02
You done goofed
10/6/2020 c10 Guest
Azazel is totally jealous, heh.

"Third day of month since 1896, two vials of red and one vial of blue."
Is that is Lily's potion regime, wouldn't that make her over a 100 years old?
10/8/2020 c10 Kail990
cool chapter
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