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8/24 c37 BlackFox987
Soo, next chapter the Angel race as a change?
8/24 c37 illerayn
As always, what a lovely chapter you made !

I loved the Ophis parts, Shin treating her like his child was just so fluffy to see. The Kuroka parts were the perfect contrast to empty us of all this fluff (and for some people, probably other things too).
However, since you got Kuroka as a Nekoshou, I'm now very hyped for the Angel race and the big breasted innocent waifu that come with it !

The conference planning was also interesting, and I eagerly await to see the consequences of having Shin peerage and Team Vali fight on the same side, that should be interesting.

(Also, I wouldn't say no to some fluffy nine tailed booty, with maybe a sunny flavouring (winkThanks you very much for your stories, and good day to you !
8/24 c37 LuluViBritania
Hazaas ‘R’ in order for the newest chapter also Nice Kuroka Lemon!
8/23 c36 Spartan3909
Thanks for the chapter _.
8/21 c36 Guest
8/22 c12 PikaMew1288
To be fair, Highschool DxD is of a minority of series where Butterflies likely wouldn't change Canon Events unless they are massive as most of the events leading up to Canon events take place in entirely different Countries. It is the same reason why most Harry Potter fics have the same First and Fourth Year Events happening as the events that led up to it took place in another Country which is very hard for the MC to Butterfly away.
8/22 c36 iRick
Thanks for the chapter!
HAHAHAHAHA! An wild Loli Dragon appeared!
Great way to end a chapter, waiting anxiously for the next ones!
8/22 c35 iRick
Thanks for the chapter!
Really was needing something like this to keep up with so much information.
8/22 c34 iRick
Thanks for the chapter!
8/22 c33 iRick
Thanks for the chapter!
Finally ended! This arc was a little boring.
8/22 c32 iRick
Thanks for the chapter!
8/22 c31 iRick
Thanks for the chapter!
8/22 c30 iRick
Thanks for the chapter!
Finally, the truth is coming out!
8/21 c29 iRick
Thanks for the chapter!
Man, this Rias is really good... She remembers me the Rias from FILFY Teacher! Intelligent and competent.
8/21 c28 iRick
Thanks for the chapter!
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