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9/24/2020 c9 Bob
Love the story.
Looking forward to the next chapter where Koneko sends things flying.
9/26/2020 c9 WebWeb123
Thanks for the chapter
9/26/2020 c1 1dudepotatos
Is that a nod to Shiro 2.0?
9/26/2020 c9 theDemonRaksh
hey man, I usually don't review but your story is awesome and so long as you enjoy writing it you should keep on doing it
basically what I an saying is that ignore the haters because this story is too good to be dropped on word of a few haters
9/26/2020 c9 stylo1
if he needs dragon parts then why doesnt he collect the basilisk. (which also reminds me that one horcruxs is already destroyed)
9/26/2020 c6 stylo1
draaig...? shame on you asshole. Ddraig not draaig
9/26/2020 c9 3AadenHelan
it's a surprise that i can keep reading this abomination... seriously i'm pretty impressed with myself sometimes that i can keep forcing myself to read until done before giving my opinion

i'm dropping this and here's my ratings

Story 4/10
plot 3/10
MC 0/10
Character development 2/10
9/24/2020 c2 Guest
Gamers are bound to be a bit overpowered
For saying the truth !
9/26/2020 c3 stylo1
sairaorg didnt know he had the pod? it is not like shin told him last night during dinner...
9/26/2020 c3 stylo1
kageyami... kage means shadow yami means darkness hello my name is shadowdarkness...

why is he ignoring the books from his vaults, hell why did you even bother with the harry potter verse in the first place
9/26/2020 c2 stylo1
ohh he needs to learn to control his emotions... because gamers mind does not work?

seriously are you even trying?
9/26/2020 c2 stylo1
he starts at the end of year 5 with all of harrys memories, shouldnt he have more skills then just shadow magic?

this is very sloppy written. letters missing changing what you are trying to say an bastard english that really is not english...

he gains a stat crystal for luck and a gacha coin from look(read loot) and uses his gacha first... its not like gacha draws rely on luck afterall. that ring of his is far to OP he could easily take his death cloak and put the enchantment on himself for example.

yes you said he has an inventory twice now.

how does he floo from the middle of the street?

the warning for gringotts is on the wall besides the frontdoor not inside on a mysterious second door.
9/25/2020 c1 stylo1
being dropped mid story and having to deal with the actions of someone that has been using your body is just so fucked up
9/25/2020 c1 stylo1
i have very less knowledge about this class...
9/23/2020 c9 Guest
love it
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