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9/14/2020 c8 Sei Urahara55
Thanks for the great chapter but aren't you underestimating Sakuya a little bit too much pretty sure she is on the same level as sirzechs and others top 10 strongest beings I mean she can stop time and no I'm not talking about some half ass time stop like gasper he can only stop time within the line of his vision. On the other hand Sakuya can erase objects and beings from all the time which makes it even more powerful than sirzechs existence erasure in his true form.
9/14/2020 c8 Koncor the great
For a balance breaker?

power listing . fandom wiki / Catoptric _ Replication

power listing. fan dom wiki / Mirror _ World _ Manipulation

No spaces if the full links are there if not pm me and I'll send you them that way.

Anyway, this was fun I'm curious where this goes and I'm looking forward to seeing more I honestly expected you to kill riser with his stored power I mean all the power riser outputted X2 from 4 directions would have likely atomized him but it is his fire so he should be able to reassemble himself. Honestly, I do kinda wish you at least did a few makes on the potters and dumbledore's thoughts on him leaving also shin never dispelled the spells so riser can't heal has 10 pain sense and amplified senses surgery there's no anesthetic strong enough to numb the hell riser will experience and no anesthesia means he will fully cognitive of the ungodly hell that is surgery no regeneration means after his mind is shattered by the torture of having his insides put back in the proper position he will have to suffer the ungodly 4 month healing process at least then go through rehab which will be a special kind of hell as riser dosn't seem the exorcise type with his healing and magic he's probably never had to worry about calorie intake or muscle atrophy point is by the time he's going to be able to undertake rehab he will be significantly obese and incapable of moving a single muscle the amount of work he would need to get back in shape and be able to leave assuming that there's no complications would change a man and his world views I fully expect riser to start a cult to jin for enlightening him of the errors of his ways and self-flagellation will be his new hobby with out his healing factor. Point is what ever plans you have for riser you either need to turn off the magic or switch the family member who goes after jin I mean even if he dosn't spontaneously find religion the simple fact that he underwent surgery consciously is going to fuck him up I mean unless the old satan faction is making a cyborg or a bionic I don't see riser going all emo avenger for years.
9/14/2020 c8 3RTNK
great chapter please update soon. thanks for the chapter
9/14/2020 c8 ChaoticVoyeur
This is a typical case of "I came looking for copper and i found gold"
Keep up the good work comrade, may the motherland bless you.
p.s. i was not expecting the gundam appearance of the Gundam so soon and it stole a laugh from me, good job lad
9/13/2020 c8 11Sultan Asil Arslan
It is rather clever though the meeting you gave a reason for the foreign name he choose. Good thinking. Though personally I like Megas XLR more than Gundam.
9/13/2020 c8 PegasiJake
still kinda pissed he didnt kill Riser... No one apart from the Phenex clan would've cared, not with the 4 satans and the king backing him up. The guy just let someone say he'd rape and break his entire peerage and wife to be and only breaks him slightly xD
9/13/2020 c8 1DeathXMaster
Nooooo! Gundam cliffhangers are evil!
9/13/2020 c1 Korst
Yeah... switching POV mid chapter, even as a joke? That's just not cool and not good writing. If you need to switch POV so bad then maybe shunt it to another chapter or an interlude or something. If you don't need it to be there in order to tell your story, then just don't have it.

POV switches for no reason are basically triggers for me now. They trigger my 'this is a shit story' reflex and ruin any enjoyment I might have been having in the story; so I'm gonna go or I'll probably start raging at you if I keep reading this... subpar writing.
9/13/2020 c8 arkcrescient
Balance Breaker like Haku Yuki.
9/13/2020 c8 TehStorm
Great chapter,though i hope you won't go with the Dark Wolf Shiro's version of Sirzechs. I mean Sirzechs may be a sis con but he never once in canon actually though of his sister sexually or too possesive,in fact he is quite suportive of issei and rias relationship and considering that issei is a pathetic pervert, i would have though he would get along with shin.

Anyways,can't wait for the next chapter.
9/13/2020 c8 kronos797
"this is a fight between me and him" should be "him and I" he's British he should know this.
9/13/2020 c8 cedricdomain
Som1 finally said the title of the fanfic, toast to u Sirzech Lucifer
9/13/2020 c8 BurningDesire8
Can't Get Enough Of This Story! Looking Forward To It's Continuation!
9/13/2020 c8 SkyLime2212
really cant wait for gray and saku talk..
and cant wait to see seek reaction about the gundam..
9/13/2020 c8 3DG2
The balance breaker could be taking his opponent to a mirrored world. Where his opponent won't be able to regenerate hp/mp. I hope he will fix his greed eventually. Also, you should introduce some more devil heirs later on. Keep up the good work.
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