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6/13 c30 Guest
6/14 c29 mangouschase1
I must...

*bonk* go to horni jail
6/13 c22 mangouschase1
Sailor Moon's op lyrics killed me for 2 minutes lol
6/13 c26 sandmanwake
So many corpses he could have fed to his Slime familiar. Then he can get a Slime girl Fallen Angel.
6/13 c30 The Lord Bread
Um, I am not very smart, but aren't stars made of gas? Why not choose something with more relatable weight like a mountain.
6/12 c30 Rusetheimmortal
Well damn. I really enjoy this story so far! You started it on my birthday, and have continued to write it. I can’t wait for the next chapter!
6/12 c30 metadork
Oh, the massive boasts of eastern fantasy.. seriously, a sword weighing as much as a star? I'm positively baffled such thing could even exist without literally tearing the planet to shreds. It's the same thing as xianxia battles between 2 people over 2 million miles and other arbitrary numbers.. at that distance, you'd be celestial bodies apart, let alone able to see each other or attack each other instantly. The massive exaggerations like that is what turned me away from most eastern fantasy. When you're scaling on an exponential curve, you're gonna run out of plausible powerups before you even finish half of your story.
6/11 c30 2The Wandering Pervert
Wow. I seriously enjoy your fic. Please keep up the good work.
Btw, the part about Lavinia is reasonable and completely understandable. Anyone with a functioning head can see that.
Sorry for only reviewing in this last chapter, but man, I enjoy your fic too much to even stop to review.
Anyway, I'm really looking forward to the next chap, and the next arc too.
~Peace~ The Wandering Pervert ~
6/11 c30 InfernoVortex
I only hope you don't rush with world switching cause there is still a lot to close up in DxD world. At the very least you should finalize his relationships with his current girls. There is no point in adding more plot and characters when the current ones aren't completely fleshed out or at least satisfactorily fleshed out. Cause girls are wiating for marrige and after HP act there will be a huge hole for some girls. Hermionie, Fleur, Luna will be done with their plot. You already aluded Sona so Serafall is also included with how close they are. Rias should marry him and Akeno too. Shuri had almost no development. Lavinia is fine since she needs time to chill and more moments between them. Like you have a lot to do and flesh out before leaving DxD. Otherwise I think you'll either put a plot on the backburner or focus on too many things.
6/11 c30 2FinalKingdomHearts
I look forward to the next chapter.
6/10 c12 Inimicus
I think it would be nice, if Shin or one of the Satans flat out tell these guys. Your actions and greed are actions of Treason. Shin has the full support of the Satans, and any plots or plans against him is your head. And he is likely the one to take it. He now holds orders to kill any devil or person sent by plot to harm him, and to do what he can to track down and kill the person who did it.

"So plot a way, we await your heads in boxes on our table by the end of the day, week, month, year, decade, or Century. Worry not, I doubt he will let you plot for long. It will mostly spy on you capture proof or see one of us are present to see or hear what his spells or magic capture and then go for the kill, I warn you this now, in less he sees any value in your house. Your female relatives may become slaves from your actions, and your sons may loose their head in less they have more sense then dust in their heads."
6/10 c30 1Tonyorobsky
This whole chapter had little content. Several people having the same reaction. The way chinese writters boost their words count with useless drivel.
6/8 c30 Alcanta
PS: Also, almost forgot, but hopefully Shin also resurrects Kuroka and Shirone's MILF Fujimai. Hot catgirl mommy aside, it would be a great way to hurry things up with Koneko too.
6/8 c30 Alcanta
Honestly, while the developments and what Rias and Shin are doing IS quite fun to see, the HP aspect of the world is just SO boring in comparison and so time-consuming, time that could be used for the much more interesting and hot-women-filled DxD plot, that it's really just dragging a bit. I truly and honestly hope that once this is over Shin just goes back full-on to DxD plot for quite a long while and doesn't world-jump, really, because there is just way too much left to do there rather than jumping to another extra-long world honestly.
6/9 c30 shugokage
Greaet job on this chapter!
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