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6/26 c31 ahmad.kay2
Honestly can't wait to see the fallout of it all and to see what the next world would be, hopefully he goes to shion's world. XD
6/26 c31 Shadic21
Good chapter, I want to see the next part.
6/26 c2 medatron
Your character is Harry Potter a European and he changed his name to Asian one
6/26 c31 MC9000MK1
tyyy pls more chap!
6/26 c31 7Hyakki Yako
I had forgotten to save this story and I missed almost 10 chapters, but I already caught up.

I see that she is still without Reina, I could recommend Evangeline AK Mcdowell from Negima, strength, speed and excellent magic control, she has everything, in addition to a strict personality, a bit tsundere but with experience in giving orders and training students.

If not, you can at least give Erebea Magic to Shin, it is one of the best magic and it bothers me that not many know or use it.

Another option is Kurokami Medaka from Medaka Box, with The End it will be a beast in a world like that, when you think it has a limit it totally breaks it and evolves without end. It is also too Sexy and a character not very used.

I would also like to recommend Eucliwood Hellscythe, he fits very well with Shin, plus another underrated character that fills all the bases of power.
6/26 c31 1Tonyorobsky
... are you sure the covid vaccin won’t turn you into a zovid infected zombie?
6/26 c31 RedDemonEye
Ah don't you just love the smell of apsloot chaos in the morning add a nice cup of tea and everything is just perfect. Now I loved the chapter akeno and shin finally happened the light side is utterly fucked and soon everything gonna be done I'm looking forward to seeing what happens next and the world shin goes to next I hope it's one we don't see coming. Anyway keep up the good work and like always have a nice day. P.s I hace a question will all shin companies go with him to other worlds?
6/26 c31 haseosamaa
tx you, love akeno
6/26 c31 Redpanda1224
Loved it!

what are some of the future worlds he's going to visit.
6/26 c31 Uday Sra
Awesome. Please update soon
6/26 c31 Spartan3909
Thanks for the chapter _.
6/25 c12 1nickarn22
When Rias shows Shin the new house it's first described as a ten-storied house, but in the next paragraph it's described as an eight-storied house.
6/25 c31 correnhimself316
Great Chapter, can't wait for the Kuroka scene
6/25 c31 Silber D. Wolf
6/25 c31 1Bless Your Soul
Wooow! Great chapter, man! Loved it, as always.

I'm happy to know you're feeling good. I think the world might be getting a little less crazy from now on. Keep safe.
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