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10/18/2020 c11 scyfly
the meeting with luna was rather impersonal. shin should look into binding his artifacts to ppls souls much like a sacred gear, that way they cannot be stolen nor will ppl try that easily. basicly if the owner dies the artifact dies or returns to shin, though that is a little out there. i know he can disable them but this would be much more secure.

you realmy should look into beta-ing this chapter as there are many many grammar flaws
10/18/2020 c11 12Sultan Asil Arslan
Nice, always knew that Lovegood name had that meaning. How long until we meet Heaven and destroy Albus?
10/17/2020 c11 TehStorm
Nice chapter. Can't wait to see how things will develop from here on out and i just can't wait to see him having his way with the wizarding world...and rias. Don't judge me.
10/17/2020 c11 MasterBlade47
If Rias doesnt start shaping her PoD and making more moves than the SINGLE move she has in canon and go from a power type to a Power/Technique type.

Also Shin should train Martial Arts with Rias and try to regulate PoD's power to the point where he or Rias can circulate throughout their bodies and use it in different ways than litterally any other supernatural in DxD. They would have a kill aura if they could regulate the power.
10/17/2020 c11 Lotisman
You should make a patreon account, this stuff is good
10/17/2020 c11 WebWeb123
Thanks for the chapter
10/17/2020 c11 Mckenray
Luna, hell yes. She's the only character in canon Harry potter that didn't manage to piss me off, plus the fanon version is absolutely hilarious.
10/17/2020 c11 BurningDesire8
Thanks For The Update!
10/17/2020 c11 vilgax
It was a great chapter. Can't wait for next update
10/17/2020 c11 Shaedy Hoe
Bro, Merlin would be the perfect Mutated Bishop for Shin. Her AoE magic, support and Infinity magic are truly OP and could make people too scared to even LOOK Shin's peerage in the eye. The only reason why I'm hesitant to suggest that you give her the Queen Piece is cos she a purely magic type and you'd be wasting such a versatile piece on someone that hardly ever uses their physical stats.

I still can't think of the perfect Queen piece for Shin.
10/17/2020 c11 Zero9933
Possibile parege member.
Fate stay night
Fairy tails
Erza scarlet
10/17/2020 c11 Silber D. Wolf
10/17/2020 c11 Rake1810
Luna is written so poorly often times which is where I think a lot of dislike comes from. If you write her even half as well as Serafall it’ll be fantastic.

Great chapter.
10/17/2020 c11 kurokitsune028
Yes! Luna joins in on the fun! She always was one my favorite characters in harry potter, she's happy and good hearted girl who's misunderstood so am glad that you're giving her a chance to grow and have a bigger role on your story :)
10/17/2020 c11 deoxeyses
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