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8/24 c37 Uday Sra
Awesome. Please update soon
8/24 c37 ShadowStalker3424
The question is whether or not Ophis is a part of the harem? Can she shapeshift?
8/24 c37 AzrelRazgriz
If you can, can you please spare Katarea Leviathan? I have always found it a shame when a beautyfull villainess died intead of becoming the MC faithfull love slave (after being mind-broken on his big coc# of course). I belive that Katarea would be a perfect addition to Shin's Harem, after she is being "re-educated", as not only she will grant him and is allies info on both the Khaos Brigade and the Old Satans' Faction but she will also be the last living member of Ingvild's family. Sparing her (Katarea) will net Shin some Affection Points with Ingvild and i'm sure that after her capture Shin reveal of both his Power Of Destruction and his alchemical potions like the Fertility and the Bloodline Awakening ones will make "converting" her to his cause quite easy given that her greater wish is birthing an heir carring the Leviathan Bloodline. It will be also the perfect occasion to inagurate the Eromancer Class and use Katarea's "re-education" to level it up. Speaking about future members of Shin's Harem, who have you considered as representative for Heaven and the Grigori for Kuoh? May i suggest Gabriel, Griselda, Xenovia and Irina for Heaven and Benemune, Raynare, Kalawarna and Mittelt for the Grigori? Maybe Gabriel and Benemune may be too much given that they are very high level members of their organizations but, on the other end, if you consider Shin's powers and abilities it make sense to have someone on their level working for better relationships with such VIP.
Anyway, thank you for the new chapter, i'm eager for the next one and feel free to let me know what you think of my ideas with a Private Message. Have a nice day.
8/24 c37 Lesancapo
Thanks by the chapter
8/24 c37 porbojid
8/24 c37 PasiveNox
great chapter
8/24 c37 AshBladeHentai
Great Chap, keep up the awesome work
8/24 c37 RotcehM
Good work brother
8/24 c37 LANDO02
like the chapter can't wait for the next chapter and can't wait to see the angle side
8/24 c37 haseosamaa
Tx bro , perfect as usual
8/24 c37 HectorFenyx
Gracias por el cap.
8/24 c37 holosagewolf32
Will ophis join the harem?
8/24 c37 AvidReader2425
Thank you very much for another absolutely awesome and completely hilarious chapter! Really loving how great this story is.
8/24 c37 ScientistXXXX
Politics in this story is bassically shitty trash talking all mc is doing is trash talking when talking to other factions bassically full of shit and trash rate dialouge at best can't he for once act like having a serious conversation it started to become to annoying and cringy
8/24 c37 BlackFox987
Soo, next chapter the Angel race as a change?
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