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8/14 c36 Shadic21
Thanks for the chapter.
8/14 c36 South Monk
Thanks f9r the chapter! Thanks, cant wait f9r more
8/14 c36 Tristan Mabey
S-Sasuga, Ainz(Shin)-Sama!
8/14 c36 Uday Sra
8/14 c36 13fg7dragon
That was... so Ophis. Really. And the timing was perfect. The only way it could get better is if the Khaos Brigade attacks and she obliterates them for interrupting her gaming lessons from Shin.
8/14 c1 Nix Saiyan Of The Omniverse
Perfect Chapter I imagine the heads of the leaders of each faction when they see one of the most powerful beings having fun playing video games sitting on the protagonist's lap, it will be really fun to be able to see their facial expressions then .
Attention to all the lolicon the dragon loli transendant is instead (_)
8/14 c36 5Felipe1402XZA
they are in really problems, but funny problems
8/14 c36 1hogan24
after reading so many fan fics, ophis is probably my favorite female in dxd fics and I can't wait to see what she does
8/14 c36 Kekeli Akpabli
Thanks for the chapter
Nice reference.
8/13 c36 ShadowStalker3424
Are you planning on pairing Vali with Luna? And looks like Ophis is here.
8/13 c36 sandmanwake
Not one legs man among the characters.
8/13 c36 Inimicus
It would be funny if he agreed, but only if she does not harm the other factions and provides him with the title of being her Honorary Brother, so they can do the Lolicon thing with Big Brother and Little sister or whatever it is to see how she responds. She had deadpanned things she did not understand a few times so it would be funny if she agrees and then he shows her a video and she finally starts to blush.
8/13 c36 Osiris Sundavr
A wild Ophis has appeared. Ophis used Surprise Visit. Surprise Visit is super effective.
8/13 c36 utsavhodiwala
Great chapter.
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