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9/4 c25 darkdraco0021
Lvinia was stabbed ? Who cares. Luna is being given to vali instead of shin. She wanted to see HIM have sex thats basically a neon sign saying"i'm interested"
9/1 c37 0vrLrd71
Oh god, imagine if Ophis manages to learn technopathy and turns her snakes into digital code because she was so frustrated, haha I can dream
On another note the scenes with her were pretty sweet, Kurokas too, though imo Morgiana needs more scenes
8/30 c37 Osiris Sundavr
And we finally get to see the race change. Can’t wait to see how everyone will react to Shin becoming an Angel for to fight. Especially Gabriel and Michael. Maybe from Yasaka he can unlock a Kitsune race and freak everyone in Naruto out. Yugito and the Nibi’s reaction to Shin’s Neckoshou race would be interesting to see as well. I hope you have him test run the Angel race before the big battle to see what perks he will get from it. Maybe an increase in damage with Holy objects like his Arondight? Right on time with the Kuroka lemon. You did a good job with it, you are definitely improving.
8/30 c23 1Magic King Superbia
why do I get Edmond Dantes Avenger vibes from the Queen?
8/29 c1 7Darth Caliginous
This is my fourth time reading through this doc because I like it a lot. Still, “Master of all fuckeries” makes me cackle every time.
8/29 c29 Osiris Sundavr
I’m with Shin on this. I absolutely LOVE your version of Rias. Ultimate dedicated waifu for the win!
8/28 c37 South Monk
You know i just realized... even after more than 10 chapters shins queen hasnt appeared rofl.
8/28 c37 darrelljcook1
Sooooo, he changes his race... Hmmm... I seem to remember an earlier comment that those tied to him also change when he changes. Did they all change?
8/28 c25 Osiris Sundavr
I’m currently reading this for the second time and I was just wondering if you are going to have Shin find out what that unknown sacred gear he got at the beginning of all this is? Is it the “gift” from that senior that was interfering at the start? That and the contents of Death’s letter to Shin has been eating away at me since I restarted this fic. Great job on this by the way, I love this even more than I did the first time around.
8/28 c2 mikaerusan
..Shin Kageyami... "God shadow darkness" really? You literally cannot get more chuuni than this.
8/28 c24 P.N.H the IMMORTAL
I really love this story I honestly have no complaints I actually didn't plan on commenting but dam man you are the jackot of all funny reference honestly I was just reading the A/N of chap.24 and I was like laughing outloud with the reference you made it made quite happy that you are writing your own way and reminded me of two others game fanficsSoul Evolution SystemGamer Emblem Awakeningthey are both great I highly recommend them.
8/27 c37 Dragenki
great chapter
8/27 c1 3thehearne97
Most powerful character that everyone is afraid of=comic relief. Gotta love anime
8/27 c30 CILinkz
Wait shin and rias are already married? Why offscreen though.
8/26 c37 5plums
Went and re-read the story these past few days. The Venelena / Zeoticus marriage problems thread never really got much further attention, just as the Lord Gremory / Phenix / "Shax" plotting never went anywhere. Granted, he hasn't actually publicly made his potions available, but I would've expected just general stupidity from those three by now.

As for the current chapter... will they add even more defenses now to Shin's home for whenever the Khaos brigade inevitably comes to retrieve Ophis?
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