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for The Game Must Go On

6/9 c2 Sancus the inquisitive
As if a man who had a brief glimpse of the horrors that awaits outside physical reality. I recoiled upon the name of Kageyami.
6/9 c30 Dylan-A-Friend
6/9 c30 Flaminfiend
I hope they plan to save Shin's poor enslaved mom! I feel sorry for her.
6/9 c30 1dammm
Hey, I like how the story is focusing on howithers react to Shin so good job.

Also I think releasing a stats sheet every 5 Chapters is a good idea
6/8 c30 Testarossacain
Yep comparing the high levels of Tensura to Dxd... Rimuru is that abnormal and Veldanava is such a haxxx.
6/8 c30 Blue bluring Kit
Stat sheets at the end of every chapter as I like being able to see how long a chapter is by the scrolling bar, and if it was there it would increase the word count.
Also, I love your story and read all of your AN's.
6/8 c30 1Bless Your Soul
As always... a masterpiece chapter, man! You're the man! The Game Must Go On become one of my favorite fics.

Thanks for the chapter!
6/8 c30 Apple424
I’m gonna love to see the moment when the order realized they F up. I love this story just don’t burn yourself out keep up the good work.
6/8 c30 Shadic21
Good chapter, I want to see the next part.
6/8 c30 Dario-espa
You could put the statistics aside just bro
Good chapter by the way
6/8 c30 Dragenki
Great chapter! please more
6/8 c30 AshBladeHentai
Great Chap, keep up the awesome work
6/8 c30 1TheLazyWarrior
A great story. Hopefully you continue writing more fantastic chapters. Can you tell us which universe would be the next and how long would be the HP arc? Its just that Harry potter universe had been overdone to death and was eager to read something new.

Anyway, thanks for writing.
6/8 c30 Ghosted11
Why must you torture us with this cliffhanger.
6/8 c30 4lancelot.knight
first i have to say this story is totally kick ass and i am so glad it hasn't been 1 of those 2-3 chapters and then unfinished or unupdated with a notice saying it's been stopped please continue giving us such good chapters to read, I must ask have you ever watched buffy the vampire slayer and stargate (all of them except the online only fourth so called series that went against cannon). if so then it would be nice if you did a crossover in that group, just something to think on not related to this story.
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