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7/22 c33 Wolfeborn
I can’t wait to see what world you jump to next and how you wrap DXD up for now
7/22 c33 badlander47
Great update man! keep up the good work.
7/22 c33 shypunk
awesome chap author as always its enjoyable
7/22 c33 Hemy Vivas Villaluna
When will this arc end? It's getting tiresome.
7/22 c33 Primarx
great chapter. loved omake
7/22 c33 RobC
I really like this story!
7/22 c33 Anikong
Loved this chapter, particularly the actual press conference and Shin turning Dumbledore into a dark lord in everyone's eyes.
7/22 c33 stylo1
yah know writing a scene from just the right angle and then when it is finished sayinghah you fooled you by letting you think this was all there is to it' is bad enough and usually reminds of of those 'not' jokes. but actually letting your MC have his thoughts play along with your idea of fooling your readers means you turned your MC into the roll of narrator telling the not joke.

besides this it was all rather anticlimactic but then im not to fond of drawn out revenge plots. put the idiots down and focus on your own life or you let your enemies win as if they actually matter
7/22 c33 21jenes-db
7/22 c33 AvidReader2425
Another absolutely awesome and immensely entertaining chapter, thank you very much. Really looking forward to that future meeting as well, hopefully a relationship can be fostered between the two, even if it isn’t a mother and son one.
7/22 c33 Acqua OfThe Back
Gracias por el capítulo
7/22 c33 4The Lion of York
In the name of Tzeentch what masterful plan! Damn this plan would make a Tzeentch cultist jealous. I truly believe now Shin's harem is scarier than Shin himself. Dumbeldore you got what you deserved checkmate.
7/22 c33 stylo1
'sticking my dick in every girl does get old sometime'

did he not fuck just three women despite having so many willing to have sex with him? how is that every girl.

the way you adressed augusta was really odd. instead of saying 'you' you kept using 'madam longbottom' as if fleur spoke about a different madam then the one sitting opposed to her.

'did something happen to granger. she was also being vilified as a dark witch'
is there another dark witch who was taught by lestrange we dont know about? that is what this 'also' implies.

last chapter lily said james would be found in the three broomsticks yet here he was portkeyed to diagon alley.

i would argue that lily was stuck in her own mind. is something fake if you dont know it is? would she have known if the potions never stopped, it was only after that the truth of reality came crashing on her. that is more akin to being high for a long time before waking up and being horrified by your actions. ofc the potions did not begin till harry was four and already with her sister for years.

there first doubt was. you mean their first guess.

what a terrible chapter
7/22 c33 CoCoDu11
I LOVED this chapter I really liked seeing how you destroyed the reputation of Dumbledore and those followers so I really enjoyed the moment with Ophis, I was having a good laugh at the time;) , otherwise I would have liked to see the torture scene of Alex and the others but it will be for later . The only thing I liked less is that Shin gives Lily a chance ... I don't really like it because she still abandoned her at the very beginning when she was not yet under the effects of the potions so I don't really like Shin giving her a chance (even though it's not really Harry he still has those memories and I personally wouldn't have any relationship with her anymore for what she did. .. I will not take revenge since it would not have been mine that she wronged but I think I would never want to see her again ...). In any case, I can't wait to see the rest and I can't wait to see how the wizarding world will react
7/22 c33 TehStorm
Great chapter, great to see Shin and his girls fucking destroying dumbledore. Now i will wait for them to destroy Rias father and Lord phenex as they were scheeming a few chapters back.

That way shin could also bag that top grade milf, Venelana.

Can't wait to see more.
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