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9/16 c1 johnzeckleston
Decent story so far however there is no need for unnecessary bashing of Dumbledore,especially the chilish names.

For the pacing lf the story, you shouldn’t have given him 2x stat XP gain and shadow weaving elemental abilities straight away(could have started with simple ice and have shadow as an unlock).

Using shadow type spells on a literal Shade should only be 10% effective or negated outright, it seems like an obvious resistance.

Also this Elite(4x normal stats) Lich NPC does not seem to have Elite level stats, seems like a regular or at most 2x npc compared the the ones previous. Unless the stats are hidden.

Anyway decent start for 1st fic, definitely need to stop the childish Dumbledore bashing and start to inject more of your own twists into the gaming system.

Will be interesting to see if you include current HP spells into the game system, seeing as Harry is a 6th(?) year and is expected to know them.
9/15 c38 CountOrlok777
yes one piece baby. I also love the limiters you put on shin.(especially the racelock so he now has to rely on his nekoshou form instead of his devil form) yeah he is weaker, but still pretty OP for one piece especially considering where he is timewise. I also wonder what's gonna happen now with the new wildcard in play. will shin be able to save going Mary with transfiguration magic? will he end up with boa Hancock going after him? I can't wait.
9/14 c38 Guest
Damn the nerf, a death sign for any fanfic. I really hope you can make a few more enjoyable chapters before this inevitably dies like all the other fics with late story nerfs.
9/14 c38 VtrCst
it's a good chance to improve the technical part of the physical skills, like sword arts and fighting styles for example
9/14 c38 Kahizzie
I forgot how hard it was finding a good story, after catching up with this masterpiece, I've been searching and partially reading many fanfictions and they just can't compete, so thank you for this story
9/14 c38 BigRig2.0
well... it was fun while it lasted
9/13 c25 Brisingr Shade
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9/13 c38 bobberhex
please keep it up! I'm hooked
9/13 c10 Sensepi Rescopula
will of the fallen will be useful when or if ophis lose its powers
9/12 c38 treeofsakuras
It would be interesting to see robin with shin, with him they would be actively hunting poneglyphs. She would fit more. And maybe shin interaction with Hancock and shirahoshi, xd
9/12 c1 Seud
This really just doesn’t make much sense.

'Rogues have high stealth, high damage, high crit chance, and low defense? Not for me fam. Mage? Another low defense and high damage output class? But without high crit?

Sign me up!

What? What type of Mage do I want to be?

Let’s pick this shadow type one that is perfect for assassinations, just like Rogues!'

Come on dude. Just, come on.
9/12 c38 IcySneasel
ohhh I'm excited cant wait for more
9/12 c38 2Booty Enjoyer
Imma be blunt, I love your decision with the One Piece jump chain since it doesn’t have many good crossovers or based fics out there. But it will be difficult to make a proper ending since we still have around 2 years b4 the manga ended (even the best One Piece fics are on hiatus because of this).

The nerf is kinda needed so that Shin won’t just oneshot/blitz the entire verse. Honestly, I think you just need a good reason to imply the power downgrade since it’s clearly shown that he can pull a Doctor Strange and transform weak pirates into stuffs.
And having Shin learning Haki would be amazing, I love it when he gets power-ups from the sources of his current world, it makes me feel more familiar.
9/12 c38 scream sky
Love the story. Haters gona hate.
9/12 c38 2Blackson88
You should have blocked mana and spells so he would fit better in world.
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