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7/22 c33 Dracaris5470
mate I love this story really do , but this Harry Potter Part is an absolute bore that can't end fast enough
7/22 c33 Darquesse8512
Would love a full organized list of his and Rias peerage with 1-2 sentences about each character.
7/22 c33 LuluViBritania
Hazaa's 'R' in Order Great chapter as always Lunas plan was highly amusing also Baka Red annoys ophis even when not involved ';..;'
7/21 c32 3Ricee
enjoyed the fic but I still can't see why he's doing all this. could easily kill them all or assassinate them, no reason for this show of power. why does alex need to run away when he could just be killed? he has a goal, complete the harry potter, prophecy by taking out voldemort, sure he can get land for his potions but why? he already said that he didn't want this universe to be his HUB universe
7/21 c23 Ricee
looking at the AN I'm kinda wondering why he's still here in dxd, it's been said multiple times that he can go to different worlds but he hasn't even tried.

And yeah the pacing Is a little slow, I don't see a reason for him to be doing any of this potion nonsense, yeah sure they're useful but for all he knows he could get infinite money in the next world, or sell one of the longinus class artifact's, or claim that he created jibril and take the position of god from Michael, who's gonna be able to disprove it?
7/21 c15 Ricee
wonder if that omake was real? seems completely plausible.

apparently there's a cap on comments so I'll have to condense this down cause it wouldn't let me say it before.

you named your character... shadow darkness? really? that's gotta be the worst and funniest name I've seen in awhile.

I didn't think the world cross would work out very much but the fact that they aren't interacting alot kinda makes it useless. I mean realistically, you are just going from one world, taking a character and bringing it back to the other world, there's really no reason for it to exist in the same world.
7/21 c32 MrKristoffer1994
Don't you mean 1996? Lily can't have been under the effects of potions since 1986 because that would have made Shin/Harrison 24-26 years old since the story is set in 2004-2006. I listed 2006 here as a possible year since Lily mentioned that she had been under the effects of potions for ten years which began in 1996. That would mean it is now set in 2006.
7/20 c31 7ScarletAesir058
Where is our infinite loli-dragon, as much as i love everything about this story, her interactions with Harry/Shin/Harrison where the best part, and her omake's need to be made canon. I love the way you end all of them with Shin going "huh" as he's surprised by the increases in affection from her.
7/20 c2 3Ricee
that's... an awful idea. to many things collide. merging worlds? no. having two different stories on the same world at different time periods is usually fine, but the game itself said that not much was changed yet here we are.
7/20 c1 Ricee
the writing style of this fic reminds me of the fics mirlnir made, and I definitely enjoyed it so hopefully I'll enjoy this one aswell
7/20 c1 Ricee
the fuck? thought it said this was a dxd fic? harry potter has been waaay overdone. (would probably get more attention If it was placed in the right category)
7/18 c14 zirnitradandm
5 Affection with Ophis

"oh, ohhhhh fuck"
7/18 c1 LANDO02
love this story can't wait for the next chapter
7/18 c9 brandonmunoz499
Grayfia is gonna be a tuff one
7/17 c32 1SlaniaEmporium
The last part with the pride... amazing Who is it inspired by though? I can think a few anime characters with similar lines
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