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7/12 c3 PrinceWeirdo
Oww fuck, this is it... Something I hate... For some reason, mc will be nerf.. No reason? Create one...

Also the letter, I think it may be concerning about the power of destruction, where Death will pull out the blessing, making them into normal devil with no special power... Just your typical low class devil.. For devil, their clan trait is everything. Wealth, political power, strength, all depend on traits...

Fuck, I feel like lily is pitiful... Being fuck up by someoneveach time she had clarity in her mind is quite disturbing..
7/12 c2 PrinceWeirdo
To people that thought your mc is a bit OP and not liking it a bit, well fuck them. The gamerOP, it's the basic rule of system based..what kind of system that wouldn't make you strong in 1 year while other need 1000year?.. Also the power level is actually still low for me, but it because he only come to this world 2 days ago.. But I can say that he could be as strong as any major god in 1year at most... Gamer IS OP and he should have fun... So just do whatever you think is appropriate, don't nerf him... That's stupid... Also its stupid to say that OP will make story turn into shit...
7/10 c32 Alcanta
I think I have said it before, but I LOVE how you have written Rias here, she's by far the best character after Shin in this story and one of my main reasons for wanting Shin to either not world jump or for it to be a very short jump...DxD's plots are way more interesting and there are way too many left.

Also, he should TOTALLY ask for Venelana to be the one to give him those 'etiquette classes' instead of Rias, if only so he can 'get to know her better', of course.

Lily's actions were honestly refreshing, but given I barely care for the HP-side of this plot not all that impactful. Same with Voldemort's rather brutal and total defeat, as expected.

Finally, with the ending...seems like Shin will be getting a certain Valkyrie even earlier than expected, heh.

Best of luck, looking forward to more.
7/12 c1 PrinceWeirdo
If I was mc, I would breath in a deep one, and breath out.. Relaxing myself on the chair and told Ragnok"Claim everything and lock down my properties only to me. Then book a flight ticket to Japan, I have a few pair of tits to conquer... "
7/12 c32 lugal
hi great story so far continue like this.
I was wondering if it would be possible to have a file on the different characters of the peerage of shin, on know ability also it would be interesting.
7/11 c4 T149Man
I noticed your AN here talks about going to One Piece next. I agree, there's not enough Gamer stories about that world.
7/9 c32 Guest
I want to see a scene where Tom meets Death, it will be Hilarious.
7/11 c14 Rakaan
This story would be significantly better without the low-brow bashing. You can have evil characters without shitting on the quality of the story with obvious author-bias you know.
7/11 c32 TheSystemFan
Thanks for the chapter...
7/11 c32 vilgax
I really hope that you are going to make a interaction between Lilly and Shin as that would be great to see
Nice chapter and can't wait for next update
7/11 c4 Rangle
The idea that the protagonist can make decisions against his personality by using "mental manipulation" is cheap/lazy writing to increase dramatic tension. Come on, Author, you don't need to do that.
7/11 c6 1TH1811
I’m curious why you’re using wings as a definition of power I know that was the case for angels, fallen angels and lucifer (not sure if the other three do as well)
7/11 c32 1dragonfighter11
That Omake was perfect~ Love seeing Escanor-ish baddassary~ Doesn't have anything to do with the chapter, but I hope you limit the harem at some point, too many can ruin stories imo.
7/11 c32 Ether02
Pulled an Escarnor there
7/11 c14 Zathien
All the stupid nicknames are cringe, it comes off as really petulant.
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