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for Torchwood - Past Lives

9/20 c18 sandysan2013
Yay! Happy ending all around, or as the Doctor says, “Just this once, everybody live!”
9/21 c18 6SciFiGirl88
Very exciting end to a really enjoyable story. So glad the OG Team are all back together!
9/18 c16 25missemmatorchwood
Has Jack called down the Reapers to wipe out the paradox? That's brilliant! How did you think of doing that?
9/18 c15 missemmatorchwood
I love that Gwen's just blasting away at aliens, willy-nilly!
9/18 c14 missemmatorchwood
Wow! Cardiff is a truly terrifying place now! Why hasn't UNIT come and physically done something about it when it was obvious that Torchwood wasn't doing anything?!
9/18 c13 missemmatorchwood
Part of me can't wait to see what's become of Cardiff but the rest is terrified!
9/18 c12 missemmatorchwood
This is just brilliant!
9/18 c11 missemmatorchwood
I love that this story erases the deaths of Toshiko, Owen and especially Ianto! Brilliantly done!
9/18 c10 missemmatorchwood
Please let Toshiko return to Owen? They so belong together!
9/18 c9 missemmatorchwood
Why doesn't Jack just shoot Gwen from a sniper's position and then himself... the effect would be the same.
9/18 c8 missemmatorchwood
Thank Heavens Ianto's death by the 456 wasn't real!
9/18 c7 missemmatorchwood
Oh no, Tosh! Don't through that other life away!
9/18 c6 missemmatorchwood
Please let Toshiko and Owen realise that what they had in the tubes can be recreated in reality!?
9/18 c5 missemmatorchwood
Who did this to the team? John Hart? Aliens? UNIT?
9/18 c4 missemmatorchwood
Dear Lord! Who is shooting Jack?
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