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for A Gamer's Guide to Evolution

2/21 c5 Guest
I hope you are ok, love this story, so full of psychopathic fun.

Stay safe out there and hope for the best.
1/1 c1 Austhin H7
godammit, this dude is right ! the bio is important !
11/15/2021 c5 TheOnlyKing
well at least you haven't dropped it yet so that's a point in your favor
8/16/2021 c4 Locnar4556
no exp for killing the wood elf?
8/16/2021 c1 Locnar4556
are those really flaws? cuz they feel more of a perk to me
8/16/2021 c1 Locnar4556
... the game should just torture him for his behaviour...it's just irritating.
8/15/2021 c1 Aadarm
Show me the 3 races! There are 4.
8/15/2021 c1 broldakka
Ah yes another one of these stories where everything starts alright up until they choose human.
8/15/2021 c2 1bigbrownpanda
who tf is rikke and when did he interact with her?
8/15/2021 c5 Han-Daewi
... Damn man good luck to you and your family and hope you and them get better.
8/15/2021 c5 1Kargan3033
I'm sorry to hear of your troubles, I hope things get better for you soon and thank you for your hard work in making this fine story, now on to the review of this fine bit of writing.

I love this fine story, I love the love/hate relationship between the MC and the gamer system, also you have the MC seem like a fucking psychopath which is good and I like how he uses it meta knowledge to the best effect he can all the while being forgetful as fuck some times.

The pack of the story is well done, so far this story seems to be proceeding at close to the same rate as the game it's self, also I like how the game events proceed on their own even if our resident Deadpool is not there when they do.

As for your characterization of the game characters I see little deviation from how they are portrayed in the game and the few deviances from their in game characterization is well done and in some cases highly entertaining.

I will be following you and this story, hope to see more my friend.

8/9/2021 c4 Man Man
Great work
7/12/2021 c4 zerkses
I really dislike the mc
7/5/2021 c4 Kargan3033
I really enjoy this fine story, I hope your hand(s) are better and I look forward to reading more of this fine story, so thank you for your hard work in writing this story.
3/24/2021 c4 1TheArisingOverlord
Looking forward to the next update.
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