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12/24/2020 c4 bored.moridin13
The whole Angry MC is sooo over the top that its not funny but annoying and a sin flaw for a perk 5% increase is just not worth the headache
12/16/2020 c2 NazgulBelserion
Sigh honestly the Angry MC cliche is kind of overdone I know it's used to try to be funny but it's just cringe for me. I just like the Calm and Collected Type of character that doesn't need to raise he's voice like a child lol.
12/15/2020 c1 FriggleBerry
I like the story but there is so much snark in between dialogue that’s it’s getting a bit annoying ngl, feels more comedy than the general it’s tagged as hopefully that calms down a bit
12/9/2020 c4 2Gravityhorse
AWESOME fanfic, always love a good gamer. Can certainly tell where it draws inspiration, but very well written, oroginal, and I laughed a few times at well placed humor. Earned a follow, cant wait to see where it goes!
12/1/2020 c4 Lord Asmodeus
Brilliant. This chapter avoided the pitfall of the previous chapters. Continue! Looking forward to more.
12/1/2020 c3 Lord Asmodeus
The story is unique. The major improvement I would suggest so far is...I.D grind. It's just so tedious to read about. Maybe in the future, unless if it's a special dungeon, simply don't mention it at all? It would've been best if I.D create wasn't involved in the story in the first place - it completely destroys progression.
12/1/2020 c1 Lord Asmodeus
Interesting beginning. Can't say I wasn't disappointed with the 'perverted' flaw. Perversity does become boring when it's literally a hallmark of every single Gamer fic in existence.
11/28/2020 c4 Mystery889
Love the story so far and dang the sin of wrath is really on him
11/28/2020 c2 Mystery889
The Thor reference now he can’t die
11/25/2020 c2 nyanodesu
Okay, why the fuck is he still using a spider leg? Why did he even get one to begin with? There were like hundreds of swords that he could have picked up in the keep, but for some reason, he just didn't bother? This fucking heathen who has no idea how to play videogames offends me on a primal level. Who the fuck runs through a keep without picking up any loot? Fucking dumbass.
11/25/2020 c4 Frescko
Another major quest the MC can do is expose the Tower Theory, if you don’t know what it is look it up!
11/25/2020 c4 1Konahrik10
"Hey Lydia?" "Yes my thane?" "We'll bang ok?"
(Lydia proceeds to punch her thane in jaw knocking him out in one hit) XD
11/25/2020 c4 adam110902
great chapter
11/25/2020 c4 grimmouse197
Capitalize your "i" please
11/13/2020 c2 Crywolfseven
Alright things kind of blur together a bit quickly feeling a bit rushed but since it’s literally just past the tutorial, if even that, I get wanting to move the story along a bit.

I am really looking forward to the next chapter but I do suggest changing the inventory thing, maybe change the wording and make it a bug that gets fixed and the MC gets a small perk or gift for noting the bug. I mean the ability to just toss opponents into the storage system to kill them is a bit crazy.

Now my next suggestion is the hydrated perk is a bit small, I mean the flaw was rather large in comparison i would think it would at least make it cost less mana to use water magic and do more than just a base 5%. However that’s just my opinion on the matter.

Anyways as I said I am looking forward to the next chapter and hope you make a speedy recovery. Thanks for a great chapter!
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