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11/18 c8 8littlemissdelirious
[...And Nanny's gonna make my life hell if she returns to another dead Thropp."] LOL. This line has me rolling.

Omg, and this: ["And you've run out of friends, I see. So, you're reading books instead?"] I always thought Melena was one of the funniest characters, but I haven't found any fics that capture her snarky [drunken] wit, so I'm an extremely happy bunny right now. The interaction between her and Elphie was a treat to read!
11/15 c8 85Fae'sFlower
Shiz really is different without Elphaba, especially now since Nessa and Nanny are there. The Gang has a lot to get used to. Boq's letter made me smile. He's really trying to keep Elphaba in the loop with everything. And still sending her materials.

Melena really isn't helping this situation. Just... *sigh* she's really not helping. What's her deal? I mean... I kinda know, but still!

Also, it's Greg Awards time, and I'm hosting! Make sure to nominate your favorite authors and stories! Update soon!
11/15 c8 32fermataoso
What a tough chapter, with everyone's reactions to no Shiz for Elphaba, and then six months passing...poor Elphie. Glinda's magic and Ama Clutch's revelation are so intriguing. I can't wait to see where this is going.
11/9 c7 85Fae'sFlower
Wow... Nanny really doesn't have any empathy for ELphaba and what was forced upon her, forcing her to come downstairs when she new Nessa would announce her leaving for Shiz, and then forcing her to watch her take Nessa. I'm sure Elphaba would have wanted to say goodbye, but it's the fact that Nanny forced her.

I'm off to read the next chapter!
11/1 c7 32fermataoso
A hard chapter, but hopefully that will free up Elphaba's time for her chosen work. I'm surprised she doesn't have advisors or deputies or anyone at all to help guide her. Could hardly blame her for the jealousy.
11/1 c5 fermataoso
That snarky line about the curtains...ouch. Their disfunction is so stifling, snapping Nessa, drugged up Melena, and all the ghosts of the past...poor Elphaba.
11/1 c3 fermataoso
That kiss and slap...oh, those poor hapless two. I like how well you write Elphaba's awkwardness and how those reactions aren't exactly what she would intend. Poor lovesick Fiyero.
11/1 c2 fermataoso
This is a great story! I love how you've written everyone's reaction. Poor Elphaba really is so misunderstood, and her implosion and lashing out are so perfectly in character. I love the references to Galinda's "good Gillikin upbringing". Excited to read more :)
10/28 c7 8littlemissdelirious
[But they didn't know the girl behind the green, the mind behind the smart, the heart behind the passionate, the story behind the trouble.] What a great line!

Also liked the contrast of the concern that the Shiz crew is feeling and the bitterness and isolation that Elphie is feeling. You've done a good job of stressing how young she is, especially when she lashes out at her friends (albeit indirectly) upon finding out that Nessa is returning to Shiz. Their problems must seem so trivial to her now.
10/12 c6 85Fae'sFlower
I'm glad everyone got through the funeral, but I hope we'll still get to find out how Frex died... eventually. And Nanny really isn't the most encouraging person. "We all had to" made my stomach drop. I was really hopeful at the ending for a somewhat nice mother-daughter interaction. Elphaba really was dealt the short stick, but I hope she finds a way to make the best of it.

Update soon!
9/26 c5 Fae'sFlower
Ah, Elphaba is back home to her ever so /loving/ family. I like how you wrote Melena and Nanny, especially in this chapter. But why isn't Melena revealing how Frex died? What does she know? Obviously more than she'd like to say at the moment. I think they all care more than they think they do, in their own special ways.

Can't wait for the next chapter!
9/23 c5 8littlemissdelirious
You've captured both Nanny and Melena's voices really well! They're probably my favourite aspect of the books, so it's always a treat to see them included in a story. I'm intrigued to see where this goes!
8/26 c4 James Birdsong
Good story!
8/25 c4 85Fae'sFlower
So much is going to change. Nessa is very impatient, considering that Elphaba is essentially about to give up her life. Shiz was her dream. I hope the gang can still keep her updated on Shiz's happenings and help find somewhat of a solution.

Update soon!
8/19 c3 Fae'sFlower
I WAS RIGHT! Love that! I mean... I love the fact that I was right, not that Elphaba has to leave Shiz to be governor... or Eminent Thropp... whichever one you decided to use. That's so unfair to her. I loved the tiny Fiyeraba conversation, but Fiyero, my dude, that kiss came outta nowhere! Fiyero, out of everyone, should understand duty. Understand it, not necessarily like it. Since it's not the pairing, I feel that the Fiyeraba will be few and far between, if at all in this story.

Wonderful chapter! Can't wait for more!
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