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for Not My Future

9/14 c1 ArtimuosJackson
And Lex did the same thing in season 5.
8/22 c1 28Kairan1979
I have to agree; if she wanted to convince Lex to change, showing him that tragedy was certainly not the brightest choice.
8/16 c1 Guest
lol this was great.
it also reminds me how i always thought lex was so wrongly treated, they did a terrible job of turning him into a supervillian.
8/15 c1 9Stevonnie-U
Yeah, that plot had more holes in it than a Swiss cheese that had taken a load of buckshot.
8/14 c1 3SeaKat
Did you read my mind? This is almost verbatim a conversation my son and I had! Lol. This is realistic in so many ways. Great job!

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